VMworld 2018: Behind the Scenes with Kaminario Marketing


VMworld is always one of Kaminario’s biggest enterprise storage shows of the year. Our team starts gearing up for it as early as April, and works all the way up until the day of the show to prepare. Everyone always talks about “what’s to come at VMworld” or “here’s a recap of what I learned at VMworld”, but we’re taking you on a behind the scenes tour of VMworld, from the very start of planning to being in the heart of the show and a little in between, so buckle up.

First thing’s first, it takes a village (and a vision) to come up with booth strategy and design, messaging, and an overall goal for VMworld. This year our product innovation has led us further down the road of Composable Infrastructure, which was also the core message we wanted to convey through our booth. Having finalized our message, we turned to transforming our message in to an illustration – which became our booth design. Sleek, modern, and to the point, our booth showcased exactly what our message was all about – in a 20×30 box. Booth design and messaging: check.

Every booth needs a draw, or as some might call it an eye catcher, that helps you stand out in the crowds. Deciding what this “draw” is might be right up there on the scale of importance with booth messaging and design. You want every single person there to 1. notice your booth, 2. demand to learn more about your product, and 3. have a memorable experience each time they stop by the booth. To tie into our composable message and theme, we came up with virtual reality Tetris. Tetris would be showcased on huge LED panels taking over the backside of our booth, and showing on a monitor at the front of our booth – something that could not be missed on the show floor.

Additional BTS work that happened prior to show week; we launched a social media campaign announcing our presence at VMworld using the #VMworld. We also picked out goodies for everyone who stopped by our booth or played our Tetris game. And lastly, we lined up in booth product demos for our technology experts to educate attendees on what Kaminario can do on a more in depth level. At this point I bet you’re thinking “no wonder it takes them 5 months+ to prepare”, well now you know – and THAT’S exactly why I’m in marketing.

Finally, arriving at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, all exhibitors are all hands on deck to get the booths set up and ready to showcase by Sunday. This involved ensuring our product racks were setup correctly, booth giveaways and collateral were stocked, product demos were up and running and the VR Tetris game was also working as needed.

Once day 1 arrives and the flood gates open, it’s game time for four straight days. Utilizing the giveaways, demos, technology specialists and sales teams – the traffic in the booth along with the conversations, became better and better by the minute. Oh and that Tetris game well, it did it’s job to say the least. We held an overall show competition to see who could get the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place high scores and it quickly become less and less of a friendly competition as each day passed.

There you have it, all of our tradeshow secrets. But in all seriousness, it takes a dedicated marketing, sales, channels, and operations team to represent a company at a show like VMworld, and I’m proud to say we accomplished more than we set out to this year as a team and we look forward to what next year has to bring.

Until then – check out where we’re headed next!

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