5 Reasons We’re Excited About Visiting San Francisco for VMWorld 2019

VMWorld 2019 is only a few short weeks away and the Kaminario team is thrilled that the show is returning to San Francisco this year. For the last few years, VMWorld has taken place in Las Vegas and, if you’re a regular reader of the Kaminario blog, you know that we aren’t really fans of Sin City. If you’re planning to attend this year’s event, you are probably also planning to duck out for some sightseeing. So you don’t feel guilty for playing hooky, here are five ways to make a tour of San Francisco an exercise in “data storage contemplation”:

1. Escape from Alcatraz

Alcatraz was one of the most notorious maximum-security prisons in the United States until it was shuttered in the 1960s. It was home to some famous criminals including gangsters Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. Besides its famous “guests”, Alcatraz is best known for a prison break in 1962 by three inmates who managed to escape their cells and allegedly fled Alcatraz Island on a raft. They were never caught.

If you decide to tour Alcatraz Island, take some time to consider how the three escaped inmates must have felt as they stood on its rocky shores: desperate and hopeless. This is not unlike the feeling of organizations who are experiencing vendor lock-in. Many on-prem storage providers sell their software with vendor-specific hardware. This means that customers lose the flexibility of upgrading their storage solutions on a timeframe that is most convenient for them. Rather they are locked into a refresh cycle that only allows them to upgrade when the vendor introduces new hardware to the market.

At Kaminario, we leverage industry-standard hardware with our Storage as a Service (STaaS) platform. Not only does it make the switch to Kaminario less expensive, but it enables customers to upgrade their storage software on their own schedule.

2. Catch a San Francisco Giants Game

VR Home Run Derby VMWorld 2019
Be sure to stop by Booth #1345 to try your hand at hitting home runs!

The San Francisco Giants are one of the longest-established major league baseball teams. And Oracle Park, with its stunning views of the Bay, is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful ballparks in the league.

The team will be in town for a few nights during VMWorld 2019 so there will be plenty of opportunities to cheer on the home team. If you can’t score tickets though, stop by the Kaminario booth (#1345) and try your hand at hitting a few home runs with our Home Run Derby Virtual Reality experience. All participants will walk away with a cool baseball cap and the attendees with the most home runs will go home with a Playstation 4, Holy Stone HS700 drone, or a GoPro.

3. Walk Through the Fog

What is the image that comes to mind when you think about San Francisco? For many people, they’ll picture the Golden Gate Bridge and bustling cable cars surrounded, inevitably, but a thick layer of fog. Summertime tends to be particularly foggy in San Francisco due to Northern California’s warm climate and the fact that the city is surrounded on three sides by water. As the hot air rises, it creates a vacuum for cold ocean air to rush in, resulting in massive amounts of fog.

While walking through the fog can be its own aesthetically pleasing experience (see #4), it should also give you pause in considering the cloud — public cloud storage, to be specific. Public cloud storage offers customers the agility and flexibility they don’t get with on-prem solutions… but at a cost. With public cloud solutions, you relinquish control of your data to the vendor. If the solution goes down for a few hours but you need immediate access to your data, you’re out of luck. And that vendor lock-in I talked about earlier applies here too. Moving to another public cloud vendor or migrating to an on-prem solution is a stressful process for customers. They would have to rearchitect their entire workload and waste a lot of time, effort, and resources to complete the process.

Kaminario’s composable storage offers customers the flexibility and agility of public cloud but with the performance and control of dedicated storage. With composable storage, customers have the flexibility to quickly scale their infrastructure up, down, in, or out to meet business requirements. Interested in learning more? Stop by booth #1345 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

4. Channel You Inner Private Eye

The fog of San Francisco makes it the perfect backdrop for some of Hollywood’s classic thrillers. Anyone who has seen The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart or Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigocan’t deny that the city adds to both movies’ mysterious atmosphere. If you’re looking for something to stream while ordering room service back at your hotel one night, I highly recommend both films. Afraid you’ll fall asleep before the opening credits finish rolling? Watch this short film and discover how the Kaminario super spy is able to protect his mission-critical data with Kaminario’s Storage as a Service platform.

5. Wine Country

It’s going to be a long week. You’re exhausted and your head is full of data storage and virtualization. Wine country is only a short drive away. Need I say more?

Treat Yo Self After VMWorld 2019

At this point, we hope you are as excited about VMWorld 2019 as we are! Be sure to stop by the Kaminario booth (#1345) to get some fun swag, try your hand at our VR home run derby, and learn more about Storage as a Service. We’ll see you there!

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