VisionOS: Software-defined architecture powering the future of cloud-scale applications

From the very beginning at Kaminario, we’ve embraced a vision of building an innovative software architecture for all-flash storage that transcends the boundaries of traditional, strongly coupled and inflexible storage designs. The call out to ‘Software’ is intentional because it highlights a key differentiator for Kaminario – the product’s IP lies entirely in its globally shared and scalable Software Operating System plus the rich set of data services built on it. At the core of the K2 All-flash storage array, now in its 6th generation, is this powerful scale-up and scale-out software framework working in perfect harmony with off-the-shelf commodity hardware – this is what makes the K2 special. A software-defined appliance which is a combination of tested and packaged hardware, software and services.

The core software architecture and data services framework that powers the K2 all-flash array is called VisionOS.

Kaminario VisionOS SW and HW Stack

VisionOS is Modular

VisionOS brings the latest in modular design concepts to the world of All-flash storage. Designed from the ground up to utilize flash, it includes a set of rich data services and enterprise functionality to protect your data, maximize cost-efficiency, automate management functions and provide a robust framework to integrate with a rich ecosystem of technology partners. Every generation of the product continues to add innovative functionality in these modular services and as always Kaminario customers enjoy zero-cost upgrades to VisionOS in perpetuity.

  • DataShrink: Mainstream adoption of all-flash has largely been driven by advanced data reduction features to maximize cost-efficiency relative to traditional storage. Kaminario has been at the cutting-edge of implementing differentiating inline, global, adaptive and selective deduplication, together with inline byte aligned compression, thin provisioning and zero detection and establishing itself a cost-efficiency leader of flash storage. K2 Gen6 coupled with VisionOS v6.0 once again sets the bar for pioneering advancements in software and hardware compression technology . These improvements enable customers to get up to 25% better data compression ratios compared to previous generations and our competition.
  • DataProtect: Kaminario values its customers’ data more than anything. Native array based snapshots and replication allow for returning to any point in time in any site. Data-at-rest AES256 encryption makes sure that data is kept private and safe at all times. A highly resilient design of no single point of failure, non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) and a robust RAID scheme facilitate 99.999% of data availability.
  • DataManage: The K2 can be managed by various means. Internal management includes an intuitive web-based GUI, a scriptable CLI and a fully programmable RESTful API platform.
  • DataConnect. K2’s RESTful API allows for external applications of the IT eco-system to easily integrate and seamlessly manage the K2. This eco-system is constantly growing and includes: VMware vSphere, Microsoft VSS, OpenStack, Flocker (containers) and Cisco UCS director.


VisionOS is built with a keen eye to the future

VisionOS is designed with the insight of preparing for the next generation of flash, CPU and networking. As an example, the K2 uses SSDs in its array, and VisionOS’s metadata design can accommodate any SSD capacity size as it becomes commercially viable. As I mentioned earlier, VisionOS is software-defined, meaning it is agnostic to any hardware or technology. It can easily and economically adapt to any advancements made in CPU power, networking and flash media. Scalability combined with non-disruptive upgrades guarantees continuity and progress of both hardware and software within the array.


VisionOS makes Clarity possible

Kaminario Clarity is a cloud-based analytics and reporting platform that is enabled by VisionOS. Clarity includes a comprehensive set of management and monitoring functionalities, including a unique capability to leverage application level intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics – all of which enable customers to get more productivity out of their storage environment and deliver higher performance for business-critical applications. Billions of call-home data points (both real-time triggers and historic events) are monitored and securely collected by VisionOS to feed Clarity’s big data analytics platform.  The formidable combination of VisionOS and Kaminario Clarity fuel a comprehensive approach to proactive/predictive support, effortless management and customer self-service.

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