Tomorrow-Ready Storage for the Modern Data Center

Kaminario’s technology philosophy is grounded in the principle that customers should be able to scale-out seamlessly with the newest generation technology – mixing and matching generations of K2. This is a vital component of our value proposition and important as K2 Gen6 enters the market this week.

Legacy storage architectures are based on tightly integrated software and hardware platforms (often custom-hardware platforms). Newly launched legacy platforms often enter the market with industry-leading capabilities that rapidly get eclipsed by competitive offerings over a period of years or even months. The complexity of advancing tightly integrated legacy architectures result in much longer innovation cycles – and always result in fork-lift upgrades for customers wanting to take advantage of newer generations.

Software-Defined Agility
K2 is a fully integrated hardware-software platform. It is definitely best characterized as an all-flash array – not a software-defined storage solution – See our position in the Solid-State Array Magic Quadrant from Gartner. However, all of Kaminario’s intellectual property resides in VisionOS, our software defined architecture. We collaborate closely with our hardware partners to deliver the K2, a world-class all-flash array that can go head to head with any array on the market in an old school speeds and feeds shoot-out. But just focusing on capacity and performance doesn’t tell the full value story of Kaminario K2.

Unlike other all-flash arrays, Kaminario’s software-defined approach lets us rapidly adopt new hardware innovation. For instance, we were among the first to introduce 3D TLC NAND SSDs in K2 Gen5.

Kaminario’s ForeSight Storage Assurance Program incorporates an important feature called Assured Scale. Assured Scale commits that our customers will be able to mix and match different generations of K2. Assured Scale makes it possible for existing customers to take advantage of the capabilities of new hardware in existing implementations.

Tomorrow-Ready Storage
The underlying hardware technologies that comprise modern storage platforms is advancing at an incredible rate – this is true for processor, networking, and solid-state storage hardware. Leveraging a software-defined approach and working closely with our hardware partners, K2 Gen6 incorporates a Tomorrow-Ready framework that provides a predefined path to incorporating new hardware tech that is not yet GA.

FC Gen6 32Gbit-Ready: K2 Gen6 uses 16Gbit Fibre Channel Gen 6 adapters that can be upgraded to 32Gbit with a simple transceiver swap.

“Brocade and Kaminario are redefining storage performance with the K2 all-flash array, a Gen 6-ready storage platform. Data center modernization starts with Gen 6 Fibre Channel in order to adapt to ever-evolving storage requirements. Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel provides the enhanced reliability, breakthrough performance, and business agility required for the all-flash data center.”  – Jack Rondoni, senior vice president of storage networking at Brocade

Storage Class Memory (SCM)-Ready: K2 Gen6 controllers offer front-loading, hot-swappable PCIe and NVMe slots for SCM devices such as Intel 3D Xpoint.

“Kaminario leverages Supermicro server technology to deliver maximum performance and efficiency in both scale-out and scale-up configurations. This building block approach provides the required hardware pillars for the introduction of Gen-6 performance, efficiency, reliability and future-ready innovations. Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array utilizes front-loading, hot-swappable PCIe and NVMe slots for storage class memory (SCM) devices, NVMe SSDs and more. These features accelerate the storage’s metadata handling, offload tasks from the CPU, or any other innovation the future will bring.”
– Don Clegg, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Supermicro.

NVDIMM-Ready: VisionOS is built to leverage next-gen high performance innovative storage class memory modules like NVDIMM that can sustain power failures without losing data

What Comes after Tomorrow?
Good Question.

There is a lot that is going to change. Hardware advancement is a given. Datacenter paradigms will obviously evolve. Innovation in data services will be continual.

The real question to ask is how this datacenter will evolve to support the rapidly changing set of applications it supports. Kaminario is committed to meeting the needs of future cloud-scale applications by continually pushing the envelope on storage innovation – while making sure our customers have a seamless path toward embracing the future.

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