Three tips to make my storage more resilient in an unpredictable world

Delivering Outstanding Resiliency

Make sure your storage infrastructure can adapt to your data center’s changing workloads for super storage availability.

From high-volume, low-margin retailers to global banking corporations, every business requires ‘always-on’ storage to maximize operational performance and secure their advantage.  Take advantage of these three essential tips for building a smarter, more resilient storage strategy.


Tip 1. Deploy data center-aware storage

Delivering high availability storage for the highly heterogeneous workload environment of today’s data center requires more than simply focusing on speeds and feeds.

Look for:

  • Mixed workload management in the cloud
  • Perform analytics in the cloud, so flash controllers focus on storage throughput
  • Ensure hardware failures never impact availability

Tip 2. Go from NDU to NDE

Just non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) are not enough anymore. Deploy a storage solution that provides non-disruptive everything (NDE) including seamless and non-disruptive capacity and performance scaling.

Watch out for things like:

  • Forklift upgrades
  • Complex data migrations
  • Non-autonomic or disruptive rebalance
  • Downtime while upgrading

Tip 3. Demand SLA Guarantees

Avoid All-flash solutions that cannot guarantee 99.999% availability. Many vendors talk a big game, very few back up their promises with written guarantees and remediation for the vendor.

Always remember:

  • A performance claim is not the same as a performance guarantee
  • Ensure your guarantee will deliver the same improved levels of performance as your business scales for consistent, world-class application experience

Download these Three Tips to Make My Storage More Resilient and learn how Kaminario delivers the best enterprise availability in the market.

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