Three critical steps to help maximize All-flash performance

Not all flash solutions are created equal

Make sure you understand the difference between real-world performance and advertised, vanity performance.

All-flash storage infrastructures are famous for increasing performance.  As a matter of fact, 70% of enterprises choose AFAs for transformative IOPs and reduced application latency.1  However, not all flash solutions are created equally.  Be sure to maximize your performance by following these three steps.


It can be as simple as 1,2,3…


Step 1. Analyze your real-world environment

Delivering the right kind of optimized performance for your unique business starts with truly understanding your application landscape – now and for the future.

Keep in mind:

  • OLTP apps are latency sensitive
  • Analytic apps are throughput and latency sensitive
  • VDI environments are IOPs sensitive

Step 2. Understand the software features that impact performance

Make sure that features designed to improve performance don’t work in ways that actually reduce it.

Watch out for things like:

  • Inflexible, non-selective deduplication that forces you to run this process whether you want to or not
  • Over-prescriptive metadata management that prevents flexible performance scalability
  • Restrictive forklift upgrades that make you rip and replace for upgraded performance

Step 3. Get a cast-iron performance guarantee

Buying flash storage shouldn’t involve guess work or blind trust in your vendor.

Always remember:

  • A performance claim is not the same as a performance guarantee
  • Ensure your guarantee will deliver the same improved levels of performance as your business scales for consistent, world-class application experience

Download these Three Critical Steps to Maximize All-Flash Performance and learn how Kaminario delivers consistent, real-world performance for the most demanding workloads.

1. IDC


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