Enjoying Great Teamwork in a Dynamic Startup Culture

Many of the software engineers I know from my time as a student ended up working for large companies. But even before finishing my degree, I knew I wanted work for a startup—a place with a dynamic, innovative vibe.

I also knew I wanted to be part of company that is fast growing and willing to use the latest technologies to develop products that stand out from competition. And that’s what I found at Kaminario. It’s a dynamic company focused on innovative technology. Here I’ve been able to apply technology such as new scripting libraries to enable better graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

As a software engineer who specializes in user interfaces, one of the new technologies I’m using is a new JavaScript library named Aurelia, along with Typescript. I used these cool technologies to develop a GUI for an improved installation wizard for Kaminario K2 – our all-flash storage array.

Working with the new scripting was exciting. It was also challenging because the documentation for developers was scant. One of my team member was very helpful in resolving the issues that I faced and together we successfully solved the problems.

That’s another thing I value at Kaminario: Teamwork.

Faced with a challenge, I can approach anyone in the company and they will help. In other words, you might come here for the dynamic vibe, but the support you get from every team member will make you want to stay.

There are other new technologies I get to leverage. For example, I’ve used Python 3 for report development; MySQL for querying enhancement; and Phcharm for UI development. I’ve also worked on adding iPad support for our dashboard/GUI features, and using jQuery, MooTools, and Gridster to implement widgets in an efficient, object-oriented manner.

We put a lot of thought and effort into our GUIs. We really think hard about our users’ needs, and how they will interact with our product via our user interfaces. I like to compare our UI approach to Apple’s UI approach, because like Apple, we also think about the user first, and how they are going to interact with the product. In my opinion, you need to take this “user first” approach to UIs, along with the willingness to harness the latest technologies, to come up with great technology products that work well for the user.

I am always looking for new challenges. Life gets boring without them. If you want to be part of a dynamic, growing company that is preparing for even bigger success, coem join us.

And when I am not working, I love traveling around the world, enjoy extreme sports, going to concerts, reading and watching TV with friends.

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