Holiday Wish List for the Storage Industry

I work in a multi-cultural, diverse company. Kaminario — headquartered in the US, with R&D in Israel and offices in EMEA and AP — is named after the Japanese goddess of Thunder and its product is named after a mountain in the Himalayas.  So I wish you Season’s Greeting and Happy Holidays. At this time of year, I hope you get to celebrate the season in your own way and with your friends and family.

As for me, here is my holiday wish list for the storage industry, users and vendors alike.

big-red-classic-atw-lifestyle-model-1800_2A big red wagon.  What we all really want is capacity, and lots of it, at the price and performance points to enable the IT industry megatrends – cloud, social, mobile, big data, Internet of Things – that we keep reading about.  Ten years ago analysts predicted that SSD cost/capacity would drop below HDD in ten years.  I’m still waiting, which is part of what keeps me coming to work.

A stuffed animal.  This time of year, and actually all the time in IT, we look for the warm and  fuzzy feeling that comes from 100% availability. One can buy dual-redundant components with no single point of failure almost anywhere these days, but bug-free software continues to be an aspirational  nirvana.  And I truly hope that someday AC power will NOT be the most unreliable thing in the data center (and at my house).

dolls-and-action-figuresDolls, lots of dolls. Let’s see autonomic systems that are so easy to manage that they free up tons of people to go do other things like go out and play.  When I first started programming we joked about the DWIM (do what I mean) instruction.  The need has never been greater, because systems get more complex every day.

amazon-schwinn-destiny-24inchcruiserbike-b008j10zy8A shiny new bicycle.  This one’s going to be hard, because the speed of light gets in the way (it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law) but storage folks are always looking for better, cheaper and faster ways to get data from here to there.  Moving data is almost as important to us as storing it, whether for system expansion, system availability, or backup.  And we need help from our friends in the data communications space, both vendors and operators.

lumpycoal-1A lump of coal, NOT.  What we don’t like is confusion, parochial behavior, and small thinking that leads to globally suboptimal outcomes and impedes innovation.  The storage industry continues to be one of the brightest spots in IT as other areas commoditize – think compute, memory and even operating systems.  Let’s continue to see storage innovation, both in technology and business model, to help us get to the data-driven future we know is out there.  Yes, we’ll break some glass along the way – we now use neither buggy whips nor punched cards.

Enjoy the next month, end of quarter, end of year.  Behave.  And may all your storages be flash.

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