Kaminario at Tech Field Day 10: The Future of All-Flash Storage in the Enterprise

This past week, we had the chance to present at Tech Field Day 10 in San Jose. As always, it was an action-packed presentation with excellent questions from the delegates. We covered a range of topics including:

  • Introduction and an update on Kaminario by me
  • A case study presentation covering our work with Nuance Communications by Frederic Van Haren
  • The future of storage and the All-flash data center by Shachar Fienblit
  • A demo preview of Kaminario’s analytics platform called Datacenter Aware Storage by Shai Maskit.

Our intention was to take this opportunity to explain why Kaminario is different from other vendors in the all-flash array space, why we are winning today, and why we will continue to grow.

There’s no denying – this is a hyper-competitive market with competition coming from incumbent AFA vendors, small startups, hybrid vendors. Further, other technologies like software-defined storage, hyper-converged storage and cloud storage are competing with all flash for mindshare.

So, what makes Kaminario unique?

In my remarks, I focused on our unique ability to deliver predictability and agility. The ability to deliver highly predictable pricing, capacity efficiency, scalability and performance sets us apart from other vendors. Yet we have to maintain agility at the same time. Kaminario’s unique architecture enables differentiated capabilities on flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. This differentiation is why we beat our competition today. And it will remain the focus of our future innovation.

Frederic Van Haren presented an overview of the extensive selection process he went through when selecting an all-flash infrastructure for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) grid that powers Nuance Communications’ cloud-based speech-recognition platform. He touched on the full set of criteria (performance, scalability, capacity efficiency and availability) they considered and discussed how Kaminario stacked up to competition. He emphasized the value of flexibility, forward-thinking architecture and our vision for the future. Thanks, Frederic, for participating!

Shachar Fienblit’s presentation on the future of all-flash storage was very well received by the delegate panel. He described how Kaminario’s agile, software-defined architecture put us in the position to adopt new technologies in interesting ways. In particular, he focused on how Kaminario K2’s architecture can be extended to take advantage of new technologies like 3DXPoint, NVMe and NVMe fabric when the technologies are enterprise-ready. You can read more from Shachar here.

The final segment, led by Shai Maskit, featured a live demo of a new technology we term “Data center-aware Storage.” Data center-aware Storage extends the notion of basic storage operations software like quality of service to functionality that simplifies the integration and orchestration of the broader IT stack as it relates to the storage platform. Shai demonstrated the capability of application-aware quality of service, illustrating how the platform could identify opportunities and then apply application-specific heuristics to improve overall performance.

Be sure to check out the full set of videos from the presentation here, and let us know what you think.

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