Is Your Data Center Ready For What’s Next For Your Business?

Kaminario’s approach to delivering datacenter infrastructure is rooted in a philosophy that modern IT organizations must be always adapting to the needs of the businesses they support. Too often, IT agility becomes a bottleneck for businesses striving to move faster in order to stay competitive, exploit new opportunities, or respond to customer needs.

A recent McKinsey report on organizational agility focused on two fundamental organizational characteristics needed to stay agile.

“One is a dynamic capability, the ability to move fast—speed, nimbleness, responsiveness. And agility requires stability, a stable foundation—a platform, if you will—of things that don’t change.”

The agile organization principles of dynamic capability and stable foundation also apply directly to building datacenter strategies that can support the modern enterprise. IT Infrastructure technologies and the companies that deliver them must also embrace agility. With the ever present need to stay competitive, modern IT operations must be based on a stable, reliable infrastructure that delivers on today’s needs while being able to accommodate the requirements of tomorrow.

The modern enterprise is faced with several sources of change that require organizational agility at all levels – in particular from IT infrastructure.

Forces of Organizational Change Impacting IT

  • For the modern business, success = growth. IT infrastructure strategies need to provide a stable, dependable foundation and be agile enough to grow with the business. Organic growth requires infrastructure that can scale seamlessly as application workloads scale. A step change in growth – like those associated with M&A – require an even more agile infrastructure that can facilitate integration and consolidation.
  • The modern digital economy has radically reduced barriers to entry meaning businesses are facing competitors from new angles. Companies need to be in the position to respond to competitive pressures or seize opportunities to differentiate over competition. IT infrastructure can’t be the bottleneck in delivering new functionality to customers, enabling productivity benefits for employees, or adopting the newest technologies available.
  • Modern IT consumers – whether end customers or employees – have the expectation for the technologies they use in their business and personal life to evolve with their expectations. Agile development approaches and the rise of DevOps reflect the need to rapidly evolve application functionality in response to user requirements. IT infrastructure needs to provide a stable infrastructure on which to develop while responding to the evolving needs of dynamic application requirements.
  • New application delivery models require a new level of agility from IT infrastructure. As enterprises embrace mobility and cloud architectures for delivering applications to both customers and their employees, IT infrastructure must adapt.
  • New business models are arising that require new approaches to IT infrastructure. SaaS companies in particular are eating the traditional model of delivering software functionality to businesses and consumers. SaaS infrastructures must scale seamlessly with growth, while being flexible enough to evolve with changing application requirements.

IT infrastructure, and storage technology in particular, must provide a stable foundation while enabling the dynamic capability needed to support the modern agile organization.

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