Achieving SQL Server HA with Kaminario

As a leader in the solid-state array market, one of Kaminario’s goals is to ensure easy and time-efficient adoption of our technology.  As a result, we’ve identified the need to provide best practices for running various workloads on the Kaminario K2 array. Our Solutions Engineering team is working on compiling step-by-step guides on the most technically relevant and correct guidelines. This blog introduces the second white-paper in this effort – Achieving SQL Server High Availability with Kaminario

The whitepaper covers topics such as:


  • Introducing the Kaminario K2 Array: Built to support modern workloads that require efficient use of resources, high performance and exibility in scale. Ideal workloads for the K2’s all-flash architecture are virtualized environments used to increase server utilization
  • Microsoft SQL Server: One of the most widely used databases in the world.
  • The Need For High Availability in SQL Server: All the HA solutions provided by SQL server and their benefits and shortcomings
  • Kaminario High Availability for SQL Server: A summary of how the K2 is architected and built to meet the requirements of the most sensitive enterprise SQL applications.

To download the white-paper, please visit our Resources page.

Stay tuned for additional blogs on topics like:

  • Best Practices for Running SQL on the K2,
  • Oracle Backup and Restore Using K2,
  • Best Practices for Running Oracle on K2,
  • Reference Architecture for Running Oracle on Kaminario K2,
  • Achieving Oracle High Availability with Kaminario K2, and more.
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