Simplifying App-Consistent Cloud Backup with Kaminario K2 and Commvault


Kaminario and Commvault recently introduced an integrated backup and recovery solution to make flexible and speedy backup to any environment a breeze. Commvault IntelliSnap technology enables K2 app-consistent snapshot creation from the Commvault user interface in order to backup, recover or clone the data that resides in the K2 all-flash solution.

Commvault software automates and orchestrates these operations for file systems (Windows, Linux) as well as for several applications (SQL, Oracle).

The key benefits of this integration for joint customers extends to:


  • K2 snapshots can be backed up to the cloud – Snapshots can be backed up to any of the Cloud vendors supported by Commvault, enabling “anytime, anywhere access” to the K2 backed-up data.
  • Minimum impact on production environments – The backup activity can be offloaded to a different proxy. During the backup process, the servers – either physical or virtual, including the applications they host – are quiesced for a few seconds to create an app-consistent snapshot in the K2. Regardless of the system capacity or load, it completes within moments, enabling frequent protection operations and ensuring that critical RPO/RTOs are achieved.
  • Shorten backup times and consistent performance – The use in K2 snapshots dramatically reduces backup times. Once the K2 snapshot is taken, any secondary operations – such as backup, copy or restore – are processed based on this app-consistent K2 snapshot.
  • One-click revert – One of the recovery options available in Commvault is called “Hardware Revert”, which automates the K2 snapshot restore operation and reverts the K2 volume back to its pre-snap state. This operation consolidates the required mount/unmount operations in a single Commvault job to a more effective and “mistake-free” recovery solution.
  • Restore anywhere – K2 data can be restored to different locations other than the source, even to different K2s.


With this intelligent solution, leveraging Kaminario’s agile storage platform, DataShrink and DataProtect services, you can easily support your organization’s data protection strategy.

Read more about Kaminario’s integration with Commvault here, download the K2 and Commvault integration datasheet and view the Kaminario-Commvault “Two Clicks to the Cloud” demo

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