Why Total Cost of Ownership Still Matters in the World of All-Flash Storage

Let’s face it, TCO comparisons between all-flash storage arrays and spinning rust are just not that interesting any more. The value of moving to all-flash storage has become exceedingly obvious across almost every use-case and industry. Advancements in data reduction technologies alone make the switch a no-brainer, let alone all the efficiencies gained by reducing operating and management expenses.

Why then, you ask, are we continuing to write about TCO? Because we are comparing ourselves to other all-flash arrays, not spinning rust!

Whether they are built-for-flash  (like Pure Storage, Dell EMC XtremIO, NetApp SolidFire) or traditional arrays retro-fitted with all flash drives (like HPE 3PAR AFA, Nimble AFA, Dell-EMC Unity AFA), this infographic summarizes the findings of an ESG-validated model comparing these solutions to Kaminario K2.



There’s a lot more than meets the eye when you do a detailed comparison of all the fully burdened costs of deploying K2 vs. the rest of the AFA field. It goes to the heart of the right-architecture-paradigm. Architecture matters!  Not just for performance but also for the overall cost-efficiency and total cost of ownership. Read on to find out how..


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