Hey Pure Storage! Liking your new effective capacity program. It's about time.

“My business is a 100% predictable” – said no one ever. In the real world, businesses and their IT organizations deal with non-stop unpredictability from market volatility, disruptive technologies, shifting business models, competitive threats, and customer demands. The last thing a customer needs is to have inherent unpredictability from the infrastructure that drives their business. At Kaminario, we have always focused on a simple message – our customers should always get the all-flash product that they are buying. One that delivers the cost efficiency, performance, resiliency and scalability that we promise. And one that continues to deliver predictability over time as the forces of unpredictability change the rules of the game. We launched our effective storage capacity guarantee for the K2 All-flash array back in 2014. For over 2 years now, customers have been enjoying a worry-free storage buying experience!

Why is guaranteeing capacity so important? Flash offers the obvious benefits of accelerating application performance. That coupled with effective data reduction using deduplication, compression and thin provisioning let all-flash array vendors hit price points competitive to HDD and Hybrid arrays. There was a problem, however. Customers naturally like to ask, “How much usable storage will I get when I buy this all-flash array you are proposing?” The typical answer from most vendors is, “Well, it depends.” This “it depends” phenomenon led to a propagation of inconsistent marketing claims around data reduction between various all-flash vendors.

Kaminario removes the guesswork and anxiety from storage sizing to limit capital expense, assure simplicity, smooth deployment and deliver predictable operation. The Kaminario K2 All-flash effective capacity guarantee offers a simple way to think about flash capacity purchase. You get what you buy. A cost-efficient assurance that we will expand a customer’s system at our expense to achieve promised effective capacity. There’s no expectation of complex data gathering exercises, no time-period limitation on the guarantee and no expectation that complex written agreements have to be signed. Its not that difficult. We believe customers should know exactly how much storage they are purchasing.

Here are a few issues we see with Pure’s Right Size Guarantee

  1.  Overly complex.  There seems to be a complex set of requirement gathering exercises to map customer’s entire workload to Pure’s global install base to derive an estimate.   We prefer to keep things simple.  As long as the customer’s data can be deduped, is not pre-compressed or encrypted, the effective capacity program applies. Period.
  2. Time-bound to 6 months.  The Right Size Guarantee is only valid for six-month period and limited to workload initially measured and signed-off on. What happens if customer’s workload or dataset changes or if new/different workloads are added. Oh, and if on the first day of month seven, there’s a discrepancy between promised and delivered, what then?  Kaminario’s guaranteed effective capacity program has no time limit. We believe our customer’s business and data growth should not be tied to a convenience of the vendor. Period.
  3. Tied to specific workload.  Pure’s customer have to sign a written agreement which limits the guarantee to specific customer workloads.  What happens when your workloads change?  Kaminario’s guaranteed effective capacity program requires no signed documentation limiting customers to specific workloads. Period.

We are glad to see others in the industry validating the concept. And we are confident that as customers kick the tires, read the fine print, figure out the stipulations, and map what they are getting to their business needs, Kaminario’s established program will stand alone as the simplest capacity guarantee program of its kind. We are glad to finally have some points of comparison on the market.

Welcome to the party, Pure Storage.

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