Partner Spotlight: A Chat with Carson Synh, Technology Evangelist for PM2Net

As a software vendor, we know that our channel partners are critical to our business success – an extension of our go-to-market team. We work together to spot opportunities to help our mutual customers find the best solutions to their storage challenges and boost their competitive advantage. Our partners are very important to Kaminario.

In today’s installment, I sat down with Carson Synh, technology evangelist for PM2Net, to discuss his company, why he chose to partner with us and the advantages of all-flash storage. Hope you enjoy it.

Tell us about your company.
PM2Net serves several different verticals — everything from state and local education to healthcare, banking and manufacturing. Our company began in 2010. Our executives and leadership team have years of management consulting experience in this industry. We cut our teeth through professional services, consulting on cloud computing, mobility and data, building data centers and hybrid cloud solutions.

How long have you been a Kaminario partner?
Just about six months now. We’ve already done several deals together.

Why did you decide to partner with Kaminario?
We are big believers in Kaminario’s software-defined approach to storage architecture. We’ve been hearing from many of our customers that they are excited about what an all-flash storage environment can do for business transformation. They’re looking to make IT a revenue generator instead of just a cost center. For example, one of our customers is a big investment bank. Financial modeling and analytics are very important to them. They have tons of data they can use to be more competitive in the marketplace. All-flash technology gives them an advantage for fast trades. We believe in the flexibility and return on investment of an all-flash storage environment. Kaminario gives us the edge to compete against the biggest players in storage and make our customers successful.

What’s another advantage of all-flash?
With traditional storage, you needed engineers with specific expertise. With all-flash, you just need a systems engineer who understands storage. You’re saving not just on the actual storage, but on human resources, too. That’s another reason why everything is moving to all-flash.

What’s your hobby?
I love to golf. I have three little boys, ages 7, 5 and 4. They’re in golf lessons right now. You have to start them young.

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