Our Top Composable Storage Posts for 2018

The Best of the Best

As we get ready to put a wrap on 2018, we wanted to reflect back on our most popular blog articles from throughout the year.  So pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and sit back, relax and read-on.

The Software-Defined Advantage

The term “software-defined” has become widely used by technology providers to describe new innovation enabling organizations to achieve Cloud-like flexibility for their in-house or on-premises IT infrastructure.
Learn what other benefits SDDC bring.

NVMe Over Fabrics Enables a New Generation of Composable Storage Solutions

Kaminario has adopted the term “composable storage” to describe our approach to providing a new level of storage flexibility in 3-tier datacenter architectures where you have a tier of dedicated storage arrays.
Get all the details

Beyond the Storage Box –  Software Defined Storage

The storage solution of choice for MSPs need to ensure low cost of storage, deliver robust data services, and achieve end customers’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Discover how

Decreasing Costs 3x for Cloud Service Providers

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), conducted an economic value audit, commissioned by Kaminario, which details the total cost of ownership of Kaminario Cloud Fabric for cloud service providers.
Dive into the details

Paving a Different Path to Leadership in the Datacenter Storage Industry

Kaminario has carved a unique path to Leadership in an industry dominated by diversified infrastructure solution providers with massive sales teams and massive advertising budgets.
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