4 Facts About Kaminario’s New Storage as a Service Offerings

Earlier this week, Kaminario announced the release of three new Storage as a Service (STaaS) offerings, as well as a unified licensing framework. Storage as a Service gives companies the simplicity and agility of public cloud storage with the control and performance of dedicated storage…plus the flexibility to only pay for the storage that is currently being used. The new offerings include:

With these new offerings, we are putting flexibility into the hands of our customers, enabling them to create a data storage infrastructure that suits their needs with a pricing model that matches their storage consumption.


4 Reasons Why These New Storage as a Service Offerings Are a Game Changer


1 Only Pay for the Software AND Hardware That You Use – With Kaminario Storage Utility, not only can customers get the flexibility of having their storage software delivered as a service… they can also convert their hardware expenses to the same economic model. Designed for OPEX consumption, Kaminario Storage Utility delivers storage capacity on demand on a $100/TB (hardware and software) monthly basis with no minimum commitment. And because it is a true pay-as-you-go offering, customers do not lease any part of the solution.

2. Pay for Disaster Recovery Based on Capacity– Losing business-critical data can be catastrophic. To ensure that data can be recovered in an emergency (whether that emergency is a natural disaster… or a disastrous intern), companies pay exorbitant fees for disaster recovery. But if you’re paying for your storage software and hardware based on how much you are actually using… doesn’t it only make sense that you should also pay for disaster recovery based on usage as well? With Kaminario Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), subscribers have the option of choosing from a list of Tier 4 datacenter locations for their disaster recovery site. Alternatively, they are welcome to leverage any existing remote site that they already operate. Data is replicated using Kaminario’s native replication utility – ensuring that the copy of data stored at the disaster recovery site is up-to-date.

3. Store Your Data Wherever You Want– With Kaminario for Public Cloud, you can implement Kaminario storage instances wherever you want, including on some of the most well-known public storage offerings such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. Moving data from on-prem to the cloud is a cinch with Kaminario’s native snapshot and replication utilities. With the Kaminario VisionOS software running on the public cloud of your choice, you’ll be able to leverage the full stack of data services that are also available on-premises. This includes data analytics from Kaminario Clarity and data orchestration and automation through Kaminario Flex.

4. Devise Your Own Infrastructure Acquisition Model– With Kaminario’s unified licensing scheme, customers can choose the capacity and deployment option of their storage resources based on their needs. Whether they are looking to deploy on purchased hardware, utility hardware, at a disaster recovery site, or in the public cloud, with an enterprise-wide license, customers can ensure they are able to scale their storage environments to meet evolving requirements. And, of course, no matter how you choose to deploy your infrastructure you’ll still get the same first-class professional support and services from Kaminario. Our qualified team is available 24/7 to answer questions and solve problems – whether through the online customer portal, on the phone, or on site.


With these new offerings, Kaminario is making it possible to store data YOUR way. Click here to learn more about these new offerings.

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