Kaminario Employee FLASH Light – Liran Gabay

Great employees are key to a company’s success. People who bring innovative ideas to the table, who have the drive to succeed, and who have a sense of fun and comradery ultimately contribute to a company’s achievement. At Kaminario, we treat our employees like they are part of our family. We cheer on each other’s successes. We’re there to lend a hand in times of need. And we stand together behind a product we believe in. In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to members of the #KamFam.


Liran Gabay -- Kaminario
Liran with his Boxer mix, Mike

Liran Gabay, VP of Customer Success

Have you ever noticed a difference in how a company treats you before you buy their product versus after you become a customer? Sales reps will treat you like a VIP until you sign your name on the dotted line. Then – poof! – they disappear, leaving you stranded with questions, concerns, and the realization that you were just another sales number to them.

Liran Gabay knows that customers deserve better than that. As VP of Customer Success at Kaminario, Liran leads a team that is responsible for post-sales engagement with customers, partners, and (in some cases) prospective customers. The team provides both Professional Services, such as implementation services, customer onboarding and advance solutions, in addition to providing comprehensive Technical Support, which ensures that customer arrays are always up and running in the most optimized way.

Liran has been part of the Kaminario family for 4½ years. His typical day revolves around ensuring that Customer Success operations are running smoothly. Most of his time is spent strategizing on how to make improvements to the customer experience – whether that is more automation, new tools or workflows, or improved product serviceability.

“I believe Customer Success has a significant impact on every business,” he says. “At the end of the day, the Customer Success teams are the ones who communicate the most with customers throughout their lifecycle and, therefore, have the most influence on the overall customer experience. Great customer experience can be a huge sales enabler while poor customer experience can be a major obstacle for the business.”


Working at Kaminario

Liran Gabay Kaminario
Liran on his bike

Before joining Kaminario, Liran had worked for large corporations that had more stringent policies and internal politics. Since Kaminario is a smaller organization, Liran was given the freedom to try out new ideas and explore new tools. “The number one thing I love about working at Kaminario is the open communication,” Liran says. “It’s always okay to voice your opinion – no matter what the subject is. Your candid feedback is always greatly appreciated.”

Of course, Liran knows that his fantastic team is the reason that Kaminario’s Customer Success is, well, a success! “I absolutely love my team! They tend to joke around and laugh a lot, but when duty calls, they are the most professional team any leader could ask for. They are the best of the best!”


On a Personal Note…

When Liran isn’t leading the charge on Customer Success, he can usually be found taking part in one of his various hobbies including riding endurance dirt bikes, rock climbing, riding out into the Israeli desert, training his boxer-mix dog, Mike, or reading up about the FinTech industry.

We’re always looking for smart, hardworking, and innovative people to join the #KamFam. Click the image below to learn more about career opportunities currently available at Kaminario. 

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