Kaminario Employee FLASH Light – Courtney Settlers


This month, we’re excited to introduce you to Courtney Settlers, Office Manager in our Needham office. Courtney brings an extensive background in office management, and deserves a lot of credit for keeping the office running smoothly!


A bit about yourself and your role

I joined Kaminario in July 2015 to help grow the US headquarters. While I serve as the Office Manager, I am also the Executive Assistant to our CRO.  Kaminario has empowered me in many ways, and I’m extremely appreciative for both the personal and professional growth that has resulted.


What motivates you to get out of bed and come into work every morning?

My mortgage.  No, mostly kidding!  I love the sense of accomplishment I feel at the end of each day at Kaminario. I am very connected to the people I work with, and I enjoy making their lives easier in whatever way I can. My goal every day is to leave all situations better than I found them.

One of my most fulfilling memories of Kaminario is from when I first joined.  We were in the process of building out both our team and office space.  Our existing temporary office was very small and gray.  I got the opportunity to be part of the buildout committee and be the conduit between our project management team in Israel and the construction team here in the US. There were several moving parts at all times, along with constant change. The process seemed very daunting, but the team persevered! When finished, it was incredibly rewarding to see the new office, remodeled into a magical space.  Here’s a picture of our cool office!


Tell us about your hobbies.  What are three hashtags you’d use to describe yourself?

#diligent  #resourceful  #compassionate

Here’s an example of my resourcefulness, dressed up as our company’s K2 all-flash array for Halloween with our superstar Office Administrator, Olga:

I love my two dogs, Roxy and Sunny, and really enjoy playing and spending time with them. In addition, I also enjoy gardening with my husband, arts and crafts, cooking, and anything that gets my creative juices going.  Oh and given my role of Office Manager – I’d choose the super power of Reactive Adaptation – gives you the best of all worlds!


Can you tell us about your team, and how you work together to overcome challenging situations?

Every day brings a new challenge! The best part is, I know I can count on my team and colleagues to help with whatever challenge we face.  Whether it is someone from Marketing helping put together our annual Sales Kickoff or the entire office coming together to donate gifts during the holidays to spread the cheer, we come together as a team and get the job done, no matter the challenges. All in!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Courtney, you can learn more about her on LinkedIn.  Please stay tuned to our blog for the next Kaminario Employee FLASH Light.

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