Kaminario Employee FLASH Light – Anwer Adil


In the latest segment of Kaminario Employee FLASH Light, we’re excited to introduce you to Anwer Adil, head of the Kaminario North America Professional Services team. Playing a major role in the post-sales aspect of the business, Anwer uses his engineering expertise and strategic problem solving skills to help our customers successfully achieve their business objectives.

Describe your role at Kaminario? How would you describe the company and what you do?

I joined Kaminario in May 2013 as a senior Professional Services Engineer. In 2016, I was promoted to lead the North America Professional Services Team. My team is primarily involved in post-sales activities. We are responsible for deploying/integrating Kaminario technology into customer environments, while at the same time advising them on how to best use our solution in an effort towards achieving their business objectives. Ensuring Customer Success is the teams motto!

During my hiring process, I was interviewed by 6 different individuals. The final interview was a face-to-face with our CEO, Dani Golan. During this interview, Dani told me that Kaminario is looking for the best talent in the market, hence the long-drawn vetting process. Dani added that once hired, employees become part of a tight-knit family. Five and a half years later, I can truly attest to Kaminario hiring only the best, and that the culture is indeed equivalent to that of a family. Management sees our employees as humans and they care for their needs accordingly. The company encourages innovation, creativity and risk-taking up to an appropriate level.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

My first cup of coffee! I work from my home office in the beautiful city of Monterey, CA and I travel as needed. Because of the 3-hour time difference with the corporate office in Boston, I start my day relatively early. Therefore, I really look forward to that first cup of coffee because it helps me charge up for an exciting day.

On a serious note, I love working with my customers and help them overcome technological challenges. Typically, our solution involves going into the customer environment to replace old or problematic technology. Customers buy our product to address specific challenges. Hence, successful deployment of the Kaminario solution is key in addressing said challenges. My team is dedicated and committed to help our customers achieve their objectives. Even after a successful install, occasionally, customers do run into issues. I recall a few years ago an incident where one of our largest customers had an issue with certain hosts dropping their connections to Kaminario. I was onsite for almost 3 weeks. It was an all hands on deck situation since all the symptoms pointed at our product as the culprit. All the teams at Kaminario including Support, Development, Professional Services etc. worked together and finally found that the problem was in-fact the firmware of the server and not us. We worked with the server vendor to fix the firmware, where updating the firmware essentially rectified the problem. Being part of a team which can solve such complex problems, provides the best job satisfaction one can ask for.

What three hashtags describe your personality? What do you like to do for fun?

#iDeclareWarOnStupidity: Pretty self-explanatory. Ask my family how I reacted when I left windows of my Beamer open the day I bought it. And of course it rained the whole night. Actually, don’t ask my family.

#ExcellenceOverdose: Success does not come easy. To be truly successful you need to be excellent. Excellence can only be achieved by hard work.

#Cricket4Life: Loved playing cricket starting from High School. With no cricket in Monterey, I make up for it by watching games online.

Luckily, I live in Monterey Bay, so there are lots of outdoor activities. Some of my favorites are fishing, swimming, riding my Harley on the Pacific Coast Highway, bonfires on the beach and hiking with my family. My son is very active in sports so I love watching his games and volunteering during practices or other related activities. I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes as cooking is relaxing for me, and sometimes I use it to unwind after an exciting day at work


Tell us about your team, and how you work together to overcome challenging situations?

I have an amazing team of engineers who own a diverse set of skills. There are essentials skills that each and every team member has. In addition to these essentials, there are unique skills that certain individuals own which other members may not possess. We work as a unit, where special skills and the expertise of different individuals are leveraged to achieve common goals. We share thoughts, opinions, and ideas freely. Open communication allows the team to build trust and help streamline our work. Whenever there is a challenge, team members are always happy to assist one another when help is needed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Anwer, you can learn more about him here on his LinkedIn. Please stay tuned to our blog for the next Kaminario Employee FLASH Light.

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