Don’t Break the Bank: How Kaminario Reduces Your AWS Bill By 30%

The public cloud provides major advantages for their customers by offering agility, elasticity, and the ability to only pay for what you use. However, when using the cloud for mission-critical applications that require high-speed data, your public cloud bill can quickly spiral out of control. For example, Amazon’s EBS storage costs can go as high as $10,000 per TB per month. 

In this post, we’ll look at how Kaminario can save you up to 30% of your cost or more of your data costs while serving your data at ultra-high performance that has never been seen before in the era of the public cloud. 

Kaminario in AWS 

Reducing Data Footprint For Mission-Critical Applications 

Kaminario’s Cloud Data Platform uses powerful data reduction services such as inline deduplication, compression and thin-provisioning. By using these rich data services, customers are getting an average of 3:1 data reduction that reduces their bill significantly. 

No Extra Cost For Performance

Looking at an AWS bill, you will see additional fees for IOPS. This is what AWS charges you for your data performance. Moreover, performance on EBS is very hard to plan for so you end up almost always overprovisioning and paying extra for capacity or performance you don’t really need or use.

AWS Bill
An actual AWS bill for using AWS EBS io1 class storage


By maximizing the performance and efficiency of cloud infrastructure components, Kaminario’s Cloud Data Platform enables your applications to run at the high speed your business needs while avoiding wasteful extra charges. Kaminario’s software brings you ultra-high-performance (almost 1 million IOPS – 10x the highest performance seen in the public cloud) at ultra-low latency (sub-millisecond – 10-20x times faster than the lowest latency that public cloud EBS has to offer). 

No Extra Cost For Critical Enterprise Data Services

Some data services are mandatory for any workflow. Snapshots are one example that is extremely costly in AWS. Click through the online AWS EBS calculator, to see the cost for yourself. Depending on your snapshot usage (which is usually hard to predict), you can see anywhere from 10% to 50% additional charges on your EBS bill.  

By deploying Kaminario’s solution on in AWS, you can take advantage of Kaminario’s internal instantaneous zero-footprint snapshots… at no additional cost. You can cross that line item right off your AWS bill.  

Application Resources Consolidations  

How are public cloud resources and 2-year-olds the same? Neither of them shares. I joke, but it’s unfortunately true (at least for the public cloud resources). Each application needs its own resources from storage, to CPU, and networking. 

Due to these limitations, applications using EBS native cloud data resources do not share data, creating constraint of keeping multiple copies of the same data and duplicate environments for each application resulting in over-spending on redundant resources.  

Kaminario’s Cloud Data Platform offers high performance shared resource data access to multiple applications and VMs simultaneously from storage to compute, enabling the most cost effective and simple utilization of these expensive cloud resources. 

All of these features combined mean that customers who leverage the Kaminario Cloud Data Platform in their AWS infrastructure, can achieve up to 30% or more cost reduction in their AWS data bill. Don’t just take our word for it. Calculate your AWS EBS cost for yourself and then give us a call and see how Kaminario can help you reduce your cloud costs.  

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