Kaminario Employee FLASH Light – Ori Schwartz


Great employees are key to a company’s success. People who bring innovative ideas to the table, who have the drive to succeed, and who have a sense of fun and comradely ultimately contribute to a company’s achievement. At Kaminario, we treat our employees like they are part of our family. We cheer on each other’s successes. We’re there to lend a hand in times of need. And we stand together behind a product we believe in. In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to members of the #KamFam.

This month, we’ll introduce you to Ori Schwartz, our Quality Assurance team lead. Ori and his team play an integral part in ensuring that Kaminario delivers the highest quality code to our customers.

Q: Describe your role at Kaminario? How would you describe the company and what you do?

A: I am the Quality Assurance team lead within the larger engineering organization at Kaminario, which means I’m responsible for several amazing QA team members. Kaminario’s engineering organization is responsible for releasing new features and improving the version’s stability and resiliency while constantly aiming at improving our customer satisfaction. Over the last three years, we’ve worked in an Agile methodology, which has had its ups and downs – managing expectations, coaching team members, and allocating the correct resources – but overall we’ve proven to be extremely successful.

I am proud to be a part of this small miracle. Why a miracle you ask? – Because we’re able to perform efficiently and are focused on releasing important Kaminario (both .6 and .NVMe stack) products which are the foundation of our overall success.

Q: What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

A: I’ve been with Kaminario for six years – having worked closely with engineering, and other teams. I’ve really enjoyed code testing and team management aspect of my day-to-day responsibilities. In addition, along with the rest of my colleagues, I’m excited to shape the future of our amazing company!

Q: What three hashtags describe your personality? What do you like to do for fun?

A: Three hashtags that describe my personality… #Committed #Responsible #LoveToLearn

My family and friends are a very important part of my life. My wife and 2 daughters fill my life with light and joy. I enjoy cooking and baking – I always liked baking, but I started cooking to help my wife a few years back and have since really enjoyed cooking. I also like traveling abroad (I prefer for pleasure, but business can be fun as well).

Ori and his family


Q: Tell us about your team, and how you work together to overcome challenging situations?

A: I am part of the SHS (shared services) group inside Engineering – the SHS group consists of Interop, Automation, and Manual QA. My team is responsible for ensuring new features are working as planned, and finding bugs in the code before it’s released to customers. In order to achieve a successful release, the Interop team guides us on which operating systems can be used, and the Automation team helps improve our continuous delivery process – essential in shortening release cycles while minimizing the risk of overlooked regression bugs.

Over the past three years, the QA team has undergone a drastic methodology change. Our team was the first to be fully distributed within engineering’s new scrum teams. As such, each QA team member now has even more responsibilities – we’re now accountable for all the new code being released by our larger teams. We need to strike a delicate balance between the day-to-day activities of the scrum team while adhering to QA best practices. Juggling the two requirements is what makes the QA role in an agile organization so much more interesting as compared to the traditional waterfall approach.


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