Kaminario Employee FLASH Light – Derek Swanson

At Kaminario, we take pride in the people who make our technology, vision and company a reality. In December we launched the Kaminario FLASH light and introduced you to Kryselle Pinto.  Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Derek Swanson, Principal Architect.

A bit about yourself and your role

I have been part of the Kaminario family since October 2015, having previously worked at organizations such as Coda Technologies and Unisys. As the Principal Architect at Kaminario, I help the market and our customers understand the benefits of Kaminario technology.  I really enjoy explaining how Kaminario can help businesses go from old and slow to new and super fast!

What motivates you to get out of bed and come into work every morning?

I believe in improving people’s lives through technology.  I love to learn and help others learn about the latest innovations in the world of technology. Kaminario is part of a market space that provides the perfect foundation upon which every technology in the world is built. Because without storage, nothing works.

I also really enjoy being part of the amazing team that we have at Kaminario.  I remember one instance where we were working with a particularly difficult customer in our labs doing High Availability testing, the customer insisted on being able to pull random cables out of the back of the array without telling us exactly what they were doing.  We had to work with support to keep the array either functional or have it stop IO cleanly while an effectively impossible scenario of hardware loss was happening in the background.  That should have been impossible, but after the dust settled, they were happy with the outcomes and are a customer today.  Our success was a direct result of the high level of communication and expertise among the team members supporting the project.

Tell us about your hobbies.  What are three hashtags you’d use to describe yourself?

The three hashtags I’d use are #lacrosse, #callofduty and #majorana.  So in addition to Call of Duty and playing ridiculous amounts of video games with the kids; I also really enjoy watching and coaching football and lacrosse. Skiing and snowboarding are a couple more outdoor activities I also enjoy.  I enjoy reading as well, both books and papers, especially on quantum mechanics and the nature of the multiverse.

I was once asked what super power I’d like to posses, and while I’m just a regular guy with no extra activated DNA or anything, a super power would be nice. It would have to be either telekinesis and bullet time induction.  I mean, being able to move objects and people with your mind, undetected, would be endlessly fun, but the ability to slow the flow of time down for everything around you while you move through time at regular speed would also be SUPER entertaining.

Oh I almost forgot, here are a couple pictures of me enjoying the outdoors with my family and coaching!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Derek, you can learn more about him on LinkedIn.  Please stay tuned to our blog for the next Kaminario Employee FLASH Light.


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