(Video) Kaminario Clarity and Multi-System Management

Many companies allocate storage capacity thresholds to the various teams, departments, or groups within their organization. But how can they monitor that these thresholds aren’t being exceeded? Kaminario customers are able to do this with Kaminario Clarity. Clarity is a SaaS-based predictive analytics platform that delivers intelligence, automation, and analytics to customers’ cloud-scale infrastructure. In this installment of a video series highlighting the capabilities of Clarity, we’ll demonstrate how Clarity empowers customers to internally manage capacity across the organization.


With Kaminario Clarity, users can define capacity thresholds for a single array and monitor how much allocated capacity a specific team, department, or group within the organization is using.


Determining SLOs For Each Service Group

In the demo video above, we look at K2-6959 which is being leveraged by the DB Service Group and the SQL Service Group. Using Kaminario Clarity, users can definite the Service Level Objective (SLO) thresholds for each of these groups. These SLOs include the allocated and total capacity (including actual usage versus allotment), provisional total, bandwidth allotment, IOPS, and latency. These SLOs are used to determine the SLA for each service group and ensure that the groups are meeting – and not exceeding – their SLA.

Administration of Service Groups Through Kaminario Clarity

An administrator can easily edit a service group’s thresholds as well as add new groups and delete groups that are no longer relevant. To make monitoring even more hands off, administrators can schedule alerts to be sent to relevant stakeholders when thresholds are met or exceeded.

Kaminario Clarity CTA