(Video) Kaminario Clarity and Capacity Analysis

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to monitor and analyze your data storage capacity? Kaminario customers are taking advantage of this capability with Kaminario Clarity. Clarity is a SaaS-based predictive analytics platform that delivers intelligence, automation, and analytics to customers’ cloud-scale infrastructure. In this installment of a video series highlighting the capabilities of Clarity, we’ll discuss how it assists customers with capacity utilization analysis of individual volumes and workloads.


Kaminario Clarity gives users a clear view into total allocated capacity, volumes, snapshots, and replication for a single array. Easy access to this information enables users to determine if volumes and workloads are behaving as expected and identify if something is behaving uncharacteristically. Through an easy-to-read graphic, users can monitor the rises and drops in the allocated capacity, physical capacity, and data reduction ratio over a particular time period – whether that’s days, weeks, months, or a custom timeframe. And with predictive modeling based on historical data and/or specific thresholds, Clarity offers users more granular control over predictive capacity analytics than ever before!

Deep-Diving into Capacity for Volumes and Volume Groups

In addition to this information, users can dive even further into volume groups or individual volumes. In addition to the information we have already been able to learn, we are able to see the deduplication uniqueness ratio – or the percentage of unique data – as well as the physical capacity used on the array. We are also able to see the compression ratio of each volume or volume groups. For example, in the demo video above, we determine that the volume, VD-FS, has a good compression ratio while VD-read01 isn’t easily compressible and, therefore, must be some type of media.

Sharing Data from Kaminario Clarity

An important feature of Kaminario Clarity is that all of this information can be exported to Excel or a CSV to be inserted into presentations or cut in a different way.

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Kaminario Clarity CTA