How Kaminario Clarity Brings Application-level Intelligence to All-flash Storage Management

Storage has historically been managed in a vacuum with configuration and optimization done with a very insular, storage focused view. As applications become more complex and standards for user experience have only increased, application owners must look at every level of the application delivery stack – from storage to database to servers to network to end user clients – to get the most from infrastructure. With storage forming the foundation of the application delivery stack, storage performance and efficiency needs to be considered in a broader context than it has historically.

This week, Kaminario announced Clarity, our platform for bringing application level intelligence to the storage layer. Clarity will transform the concept of storage infrastructure management while resetting the bar for important data services like Quality of Service. We see enormous potential to optimize storage resources and get more out of the overall data center by delivering a simplified view of the full application infrastructure to IT managers. Clarity will aggregate key statistics from storage resources along with data from the broader storage ecosystem including databases, servers, hypervisors, containers, and networking resources. Going beyond simple descriptive analytics,. Clarity will proactively suggest configuration optimizations to get more performance and efficiency from infrastructure.

Clarity aggregates data from a single customer site and syncs with the Clarity cloud via Kaminario’s existing “call-home” support. This data is automatically analyzed in context of insights developed from big data analysis of data from Kaminario’s entire install base over multiple years. Clarity goes beyond basic analytics to deliver “Prescriptive Analytics” that incorporate recommendations for optimizing storage infrastructure for specific application environments.

To better understand the potential of Clarity, consider a modern, database-driven application. In addition to managing classic OLTP workloads, application infrastructure must support reporting and real-time analytics workloads. Smart, application-aware QoS functionality powered by Clarity will let storage managers assign priorities to different workloads based on business needs. By abstracting storage management to the workload level and integrating information from the database layer, storage infrastructures can be optimized for greater performance and more efficient operation.

We look forward to talking to customers about how Clarity can transform their operations and get more from their all-flash investments.

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