Kaminario and Cisco work to meet the challenges of today’s on-demand world

The data center is experiencing a great challenge as on-demand applications and “as a service” infrastructure needs tax current capabilities. In this new normal, dynamic workloads and real time analytics require an agile, scalable infrastructure which provides predictable low latency. Various new storage paradigms have emerged to address these needs, including hyperconverged infrastructure, software defined storage and all-flash arrays. The Kaminario K2 all-flash array provides customers the agility and scalability they need with the consistently low latency that is absolutely table stakes.

On the network side, companies such as Cisco have continued to provide storage fabric innovation to match those at the storage layer. Cisco’s announcement today, including a 32Gb Fibre Channel (FC) module for the MDS 9700 Director series, switch native in-line analytics, 32Gb HBAs for the UCS C-Series and support for simultaneous FC and NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMeF) extend the agility, scalability and low latency capability all the way to the application layer, providing investment protection to customers with large investments in their FC infrastructure. The real-time analytics capability built into the Cisco 32G Module gives customers the ability to proactively manage their network and adapt to changing needs and network conditions. This will provide customers the ability to build an infrastructure which can meet their needs today and in the future. As data center needs continue to evolve, Cisco and Kaminario will be in a perfect position to evolve alongside them, providing even more dynamic and composable infrastructure which can be orchestrated to deliver the right resources, right data services and right service level agreements to any customer at any time and for however long those resources need to persist.

We are excited to be working with Cisco to provide customers an end-to-end solution for every application need, including as relational databases, virtual environments, private-cloud implementations, NoSQL databases, containerized applications and more. For example, the following use cases represent the business value of the end-to-end solution that Cisco and Kaminario can bring to customers:


SaaS Provider

Company that has moved their SaaS-based application to all-flash storage. Kaminario’s scale-up/scale-out model allows them to implement the capacity and performance they need today, and allows them to scale as their customer datasets grow and new customers come online. The predictable latency allows them to seamlessly maintain their customer SLAs. They can also scale their storage network performance by upgrading their FC infrastructure from the core outward using Cisco MDS 9700 Directors with 32Gb FC modules. The built-in analytics from the Cisco MDS switches, along with Kaminario Clarity analytics, allows them to keep a close eye on their network traffic and storage usage so they adapt their network and storage as needed before trouble occurs. Cisco UCS servers with 32Gb FC HBAs and the Gen 6 Kaminario K2, which is “32Gb Ready”, allows them to extend 32Gb end-to-end when they are ready.


Private Cloud

Company that has implemented a private cloud architecture to serve the diverse needs of their business units. They use Kaminario K2 all-flash storage and Cisco MDS 9700 Directors, along with Cisco UCS C-Series servers, all managed and orchestrated using the Kaminario plug-in for Cisco UCS Director. The 32Gb FC performance of the Cisco UCS servers and MDS 9700 easily allow the storage network to maintain optimal performance, even during peak traffic loads and as the infrastructure grows to accommodate new business unit demand for infrastructure and as the company’s DevOps team deploys new containerized applications into the user community.


Enterprise Database

Company that has migrated their Oracle database to an all-flash array to improve user experience as the transaction volume has grown considerably. Due to the K2’s ability to handle mixed workloads, they have also migrated their Oracle Data Warehouse.  The K2’s Global Adaptive Block size architecture easily accommodates the mixed block sizes from the OLTP and OLAP workloads with no decrease in performance and their 32Gb storage network with Cisco MDS 9700 Directors allow them to continually monitor performance of their storage network as traffic patterns shift due to heavy transactional times or when large analytical applications are scanning the data warehouse.

Across these examples, the customers are also protecting their investment in their FC infrastructure with Cisco’s ability to simultaneously support both NVMe over Fibre Chanel and traditional FC SCSI traffic on the same infrastructure. Cisco and Kaminario continue to invest in joint work to provide our mutual customers proven solutions for all of their data center needs.


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