Judge a Company by its Customers’ Success

One criteria I use to measure a company’s success is to see what customers are saying about the business and its products. Are they complaining or sharing happy stories?

Kaminario has the privilege of happy customers. Not only are customers betting their business on Kaminario, but most are willing to share their innovation success publicly.

Let me spotlight one such story here.

El Rio Community Health, an Arizona based non-profit health care organization, provides medical and dental care to more than 80,000 patients annually. Their top priorities are ensuring patient satisfaction and delivering excellent patient care. As application performance and fast access to patient data are critical, technology plays a key role in their ability to interact with patients to deliver on-going care.

The Challenge: El Rio’s electronic health records application, which serves 1,800 users in four community health centers, and 40 locations hit a snag. Its performance was slow and typical lag times ran from seven to 20 milliseconds, with spikes as high as 100 milliseconds. Users were complaining. Patient care suffered.

How about I put this in context?

An electronic trading platform that’s five milliseconds behind competition loses $4 million in revenue per millisecond. One second delay could cost Amazon $1.6 billion each year. You get the picture, right?

Action: El Rio had to look for alternatives. Like any business, the team did their due diligence and contacted several storage vendors. In the end, they landed with Kaminario.

Results: After installing Kaminario K2, the all-flash storage array, all performance related issues were completely eliminated and query speed accelerated across the entire network. Highlights:
• Average latency dropped to ½ millisecond.
• Overall performance accelerated by 30%.
• Both patients and the IT team are extremely happy.
• Patient care improved significantly.

According to Technology Manger Todd Portz, “We measure our technology costs by the benefits to patient care. Better performing queries that shave a few seconds mean every visit is smoother, faster, less intrusive.”

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Parna Sarkar-Basu, head of Global Brand and Buzz Marketing, Kaminario.

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