New Tools, Positive Environment: Recipe for a Winning Culture

I was looking for a tech company with innovative products, friendly people and an intense work atmosphere – that’s when I found Kaminario. The company’s positive atmosphere is what makes work enjoyable.

Let me explain what I mean by positive atmosphere. We know our goals, and we work together to achieve them. Kaminario encourages thinking, self-development and supports teamwork.

I have worked in bigger companies, and here, the feeling is different. We are like a family. The technology and methodologies we use are cutting edge, and our product is innovative. We have a diversity of tasks that need to be implemented vs. highly specialized and doing the same thing over and over again.

Some of the tools I’ve used in my projects here include Elasticsearch, Pyrasite and PyCharm. So, if you like working with the latest software and technology to improve a product’s features and performance, you can have that here.


Of course, the most important aspect in terms of job satisfaction is the environment in which you get to apply these new technologies. Each one of us has the ability to affect the product—to be part of something meaningful. We have our individual duties and research, but we work well together.

At Kaminario, I am surrounded by smart and creative people. We all learn from each other. For instance, when I was asked to come up with a specific improvement dealing with time synchronization for our product, I had to investigate options by myself. However, the advice and research knowledge from my colleagues greatly helped me design the solution. We also use specific team-oriented methodologies for product improvement, such as scrum and brainstorming techniques.

I like to learn new things, dig into new technologies and solve problems. Here at Kaminario, I have plenty of opportunities to take on new tasks, solve problems and apply the latest technology. The all-flash storage system we develop is complex, so I learn something new every day, while trying to make a difference in the world of storage.

When I am not working, I enjoy kite surfing, traveling and reading on the beach.

Want to work at Kaminario? Shoot me a note.

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