Our wish this Holiday Season (is for you to read this blog)

When the leaves start to fall and the mall parking lots start to look like the congested streets of New York City, you know the Holiday season has officially arrived. Like everyone else this time of year, I find myself reflecting back and truly appreciating what a year it has been. The Holiday season is about giving back, not only to those who have affected your own life the past year, but also those who are out changing others’ lives for the greater good of someone other than themselves.

So, what does all of this Holiday talk really have to do with Kaminario? As a company we’ve accomplished a lot this past year – some of our biggest new logos, incredible growth in Cloud and Software-as-a-Service customers, expansion across multiple global geographies and so much more –  we truly wouldn’t have gotten here without our customers, partners, and an awesome team. So naturally, we are thankful for all of the above; but we took it a little further and thought… what are our customers, partners, and coworkers thankful for?


Pickles, candy, family, under eye concealer — just some of the things Kaminario team is thankful for this year



The Kaminario team rallied together, had some fun, and showcased who we really are. This video is about what our employees are thankful for, but as a bigger picture, it’s the people or things that have shaped our lives and made us who we are (even if there’s some company bragging involved ;)). Make-A-Wish International’s mission is “to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.” Make-A-Wish has changed countless amounts children’s lives as well as their families’ and friends’ through the wishes they grant, and that’s exactly what our message of this holiday video is about. Everyone is thankful for the things or people that have helped shape them into the person they are, each person just has a different or fun way of showing it.


The @KaminarioFlash team is thankful for the opportunity to give back & show support for @MakeAWishIntl! Like or Share this post to help pay it forward #KaminarioGives https://youtu.be/IsQFyJgKOSE


We hope you watch our video, take in the true meaning of why we created it, and also why we need you to share it. Every dollar matters, every child matters, and every person deserves to have something or someone to be thankful for every holiday season. Help us spread the love and give to the children who will help shape our future.


For every social ‘share’ of our video, Kaminario will donate $10 and for every ‘like’ we will donate $5 to Make-A-Wish International. Help us get to our goal of $5,000, after all, it is the holiday season!