Four Steps to Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Database


It’s hard to overstate the importance of application performance as the key driver for Organizations moving to the All-flash datacenter. Modern, cloud-era applications are built first and foremost with user experiences in mind.


Within applications, (almost) everything has to do with databases. Once you peel the top layer of applications, it’s obvious that application performance is largely driven by the underlying database. In an ESG study (ESG Research Report: ‘Enterprise Database Trends in a Big Data World’), the biggest challenge identified by Database Admins was performance degradation as a result of the underlying storage infrastructure. Whether running Oracle, SQL Server or MongoDB, getting optimal performance from database servers is highly dependent on the supporting storage infrastructure. This technical ebook describes 4 ways that storage admins and DBAs can work together to chose a storage platform that unleashes the full potential of database and application performance.


1. Select storage built from the ground up for mixed workload support


2. Select composable storage with an Active-Active architecture to maximize performance density


3. Select storage that provides deduplication that can be selective at the volume level for extreme efficiency


4. Select storage focused on providing the highest cost-effciency with custom-built data services for databases


Learn more about each of these insightful steps to maximize the performance of your Oracle, SQL or MongoDB databases by downloading the free ebook below.




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