Cisco and Kaminario, What’s in your Network?

Last fall, Cisco launched a new product in their Fibre Channel (FC) switch line, the MDS 9132T, offering 32 ports of 32Gbps FC, offering Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-F) support. Today, they continue to grow the offering with the introduction of the 48-Port MDS 9148T and 96-Port MDS 9396T. In addition to the capacity, the switches also come with some cool new features — including auto-zoning of new devices to eliminate manual configuration, and integrated telemetry to proactively spot trouble. Check out Tony Antony’s blog on the launch here.

Kaminario continues to drive our new Cloud Fabric offering, leveraging the same Composable Data Platform behind Kaminario’s all-flash storage appliance, the Kaminario K2 and K2.N. Infrastructure scalability and automation are key differentiators for a service provider. Many of Kaminario’s customers continue to deploy dedicated Fiber Channel storage fabrics; especially to effectively build a scalable cloud infrastructure which provides consistently high performance specifically with unpredictable application workloads.

For example, one of our Cloud Fabric customers uses the K2 as a storage target in a “back-up as a service” environment for their customers. Since this is a subscription service which can be used to back-up from many sources they cannot always predict the volume of data coming into their data center at any given time. In this case they chose to deploy the K2 in a high-speed FC storage network which provides predictable high performance with consistent low latency. This combination of the scale-up/scale-out K2 all-flash array with the high-performance FC network allows this customer to handle the unpredictable workloads while maintaining the sanity of their network and storage administrators.

According to the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), FC remains the foundation for over 90% of SANs, and 96% of the world’s banks, airlines and retailers run over FC with over 30 billion transactions per day. Kaminario and Cisco, combining the K2 and high-performance Cisco MDS switches with advanced telemetry capabilities, can assure our mutual customers that “it just works”. Cisco and Kaminario, what’s in your network?

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