The Chance to Make a Big Impact

There are many reasons why a dynamic, relatively young tech company can be a great place to work. You get a chance to apply new technologies and push them to new levels. There is high energy teamwork, which is exciting to be part of. But for me, the biggest attraction of working at Kaminario was that you can really make an impact on the business and help shape the future of enterprise storage industry.

Before Kaminario, I was working at one of the bigger players in the enterprise storage market, so I am familiar with the other side of the spectrum. I was looking for a dynamic, fast-growing company where I could make a difference. I definitely found that here, at Kaminario.


For sure, this company is high energy, has passionate people, and an innovation culture. I love the “get it done” attitude and the open communication policy. But most of all, I get to influence the direction of the product and service. A positive atmosphere is great—but even more important to me is that this company gives me the opportunity to personally impact customer experience.

As the director of global support, one of the exciting projects that we are about to launch is a community portal. This web-based portal will simplify the way customers communicate with the support team and we in turn can ensure fast response, and provide useful self-service tools.

As we were building this portal for our customers, my team has had the chance to work with cool technologies, including and for portal building and surveys respectively.

The support group serves as the link between engineering and product development as well as sales and marketing. We use some technology to perform our role, but mainly we need to be innovative in our approach to service and problem solving.

Let me share an example with you. A few months back, we were working on a customer case and quickly realized that the issue wasn’t with our product, Kaminario K2 – the all-flash storage solution. So I asked the customer if we could investigate the problem outside of storage. Once he agreed, I asked one of our virtualization specialist to review the virtualization environment and he quickly identified the problem which was a hypervisor issues. Given the problem needed to be fixed fast, the customer asked us to lead the charge and so we worked with the vendor, collaborated with them, found the root cause and presented a joint solution to the customer. liran-b

Needless to say the customer was very pleased.

Lesson learned: companies need an innovative, creative approach to support our customers, no matter what the issue. That’s a very motivting factor for me.

Across all of Kaminario, not just in support, we truly believe in doing what is right for the customer. We are empowered to be creative, apply our knowledge and teamwork to help customers so they can maintain their competitive edge.

On a personal level, I moved to Israel after living in Amsterdam for more than seven years. When I am not working, my passion is riding motorcycles, specifically Enduro dirt bikes. And when I am not travelling, I spend time with my family and friends.

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