Best Practices for Running Oracle on Kaminario

As a leader in the solid-state array market, Kaminario’s goal is to ensure easy and efficient adoption of our technology. As a result, we’ve published several white papers to provide best practices for running various workloads on the Kaminario arrays.  Our Solutions Engineering team is excited to publish the newest white paper, outlining the best practices for running Oracle workloads on Kaminario arrays


The white paper covers topics such as:

  • RAID configuration
  • Separation of File types
  • Number of LUNS
  • Number of Files

To download this and other white-papers, please visit our Resources page.

Stay tuned for additional blogs on topics like:

  • Best Practices for Running SQL on the K2,
  • Oracle Backup and Restore Using K2,
  • Reference Architecture for Running Oracle on Kaminario K2,
  • Achieving Oracle High Availability with Kaminario K2, and more.
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