App Speed is Vital to Accelerating Innovation

If you are a technology provider, application speed can make or break your company. If done right, it’ll also accelerate new product introductions. Let me share with you a story about Wargaming — a prime example of how all-flash storage can actually speed up the pace of innovation for a company.

A Week in Review

Last week the Kaminario team participated in three separate events, in three different cities. We met with with prospects and influencers, and continued to learn about hot tech trends while sharing our vision for the future of storage. Here are some highlights: ZertoCon, Boston • This was Zerto’s inaugural business continuity conference and was attended by…

Judge a Company by its Customers’ Success

One criteria I use to measure a company’s success is to see what customers are saying about the business and its products. Are they complaining or sharing happy stories? Kaminario has the privilege of happy customers. Not only are customers betting their business on Kaminario, but most are willing to share their innovation success publicly….