Holiday Wish List for the Storage Industry

I work in a multi-cultural, diverse company. Kaminario — headquartered in the US, with R&D in Israel and offices in EMEA and AP — is named after the Japanese goddess of Thunder and its product is named after a mountain in the Himalayas.  So I wish you Season’s Greeting and Happy Holidays. At this time…

It All Starts With Physical Security

A quick perusal of business, trade press or online media indicates that users are buying less infrastructure of their own while more of their data is moving onto the big public cloud providers. Why is that? Jay Krone explains.

Cloud Rain on System Vendors?

Product and service providers are always looking for a topic that will grab headlines and still resonate with those who have to make purchases to solve real problems. A quick review of online chatter like the above, makes it look like ‘cloud’ is this season’s IT conversation. Here’s why.