4 Ways Kaminario Helps Reduce Costs of Managing Business-Critical Applications

In our previous posts, we talked about both the challenges associated with managing the costs of your business-critical applications and how data plane virtualization can help you overcome them. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the major ways that Kaminario’s Data Plane Virtualization platform helps customers reduce the costs associated with managing business-critical applications.

But first, let’s have a quick refresher: Kaminario’s data plane virtualization platform virtualizes data in a way that completely decouples it from the underlying infrastructure. We do this by packaging data into virtual constructs called Data Pods that can easily move from one infrastructure to another. This mobility helps customers easily execute on their multi-cloud strategy: no lengthy and risky rearchitecting or refactoring required.

Now let’s talk about how it helps you save money:

  1. Deploy Wherever, Whenever – Kaminario’s data plane virtualization platform allows you to seamlessly deploy environments wherever you want them to be. You can move workloads from a private cloud to the public cloud… or leverage some combination of both in a hybrid cloud strategy. No matter where you deploy, you’ll be able to optimize costs across your multi-cloud strategy.
  2. Reduce Data – Kaminario offers real-time global data reduction data services, including advanced compression and deduplication. With these capabilities to reduce their data footprint, companies can see up to a 75% cost reduction in both their private and public cloud
  3. Eliminate Low Utilization – Kaminario’s platform consists of three software families: Clarity, Flex, and VisionOS. Clarity is an AIOps engine while Flex is a data orchestration platform. VisionOS, meanwhile, is a symmetrical, active-active data hypervisor for resource virtualization. VisionOS allows companies to scale out their infrastructure to meet rapidly changing performance needs. This scale-out functionality eliminates the risk of low utilization and helps customers get more bang for their buck.
  4. Eliminate Data Silos – By decoupling data from the infrastructure it lives on, Kaminario makes it possible to autonomously and dynamically allocate CPU and storage resources wherever it most makes sense. This flexibility breaks down costly and inefficient data siloes that occur when data is locked-in to a specific cloud vendor.

Discover how Kaminario’s data plane virtualization platform can help your business reduce the cost of managing your applications. Click here to learn more.

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