Building FinTech Success with Storage as a Service

The FinTech marketplace continues to grow in scope and scale. More and more consumers, increasingly familiar and comfortable with new technology, are adopting some form of FinTech service: from mobile payments to digital banking. So what does this mean for the way that financial service organizations manage their data? In this blog, we will explore…

Declare Independence from Public Cloud Storage

As discussed in my last blog post, cloud storage is commonly heralded as the future of data storage. This is due, in large part, to the ability to procure and pay for IT infrastructure resources on demand. The problem is that cloud storage doesn’t provide the levels of control or performance required by mission-critical applications….

Composable Storage for a Multi-Cloud World

Most organizations now live in a multi-cloud world. Workloads can run on-premises one day, on cloud the next, and return to on-premises soon after. A challenge for organizations looking for this type of workload mobility is the differences between the infrastructures. Current on-premises solutions, despite attempts to make them more cloud-like, haven’t worked. Most vendors…

Achieving Cloud Storage Experiences for On-Prem Workloads

Cloud storage provides computing, networking, and storage resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. IT resources become an operational expense. Most on-premises data center resources need to be purchased up front. IT resources are a capital expense. The challenge with purchasing hardware and software upfront is that IT needs to buy with the end result in mind….

Composable Storage 101

Today, it seems like the majority of companies are embarking on a “digital transformation” to make improvements to their internal systems and processes. This includes improving the way they store business-critical data in order to create a better experience for both customers and internal stakeholders. To achieve this, many businesses are moving away from traditional…