Kaminario for Public Cloud

Kaminario for Public Cloud

Enterprise-class Data Services on Public Cloud

Kaminario’s unique data plane virtualization platform enables a true shared-resource experience running on any public cloud infrastructure as a service offering.  Kaminario data pods present themselves as true shared block data instances to application hosts, enabling industry leading data reduction, performance acceleration, and resiliency features expected by enterprise IT organizations.

No Cloud Lock-in

As cloud application providers and traditional enterprise IT organization consider public cloud strategies, they face the common challenge of public cloud lock-in.  Once applications are rearchitected for a specific cloud’s data model, it becomes difficult to move to another cloud service.  Kaminario data plane virtualization provides a common framework for application infrastructure across any cloud.  This removes the risk of lock-in.

Cross-cloud Data Mobility

Kaminario enables IT organizations to deploy a true multi-cloud strategy with cross-cloud mobility.  By leveraging a common virtualized data plane, data infrastructures are identical regardless of the infrastructure.  Leveraging native data mobility tools including snapshots and replication, it is possible to simply move and synchronize data across any private or public cloud environment.

Analyst Opinion

Frederick Van Haren

Principle, HighFens Consulting

“Kaminario’s K2 provided the best combination of scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. Their architecture gives them unique capability to deliver consistently high performance in mixed workload”

George Crump

Storage Switzerland

Moving to the next generation of flash performance for most organizations will be a multi-step process, where they will address various bottlenecks as they occur. Most organizations will be able to create enough IO to make the internal communication advantages of NVMe over SCSI a viable upgrade for storage system vendors to address almost immediately. In the same way, an NVMe connected scale-out architecture should provide a much more efficient communications path between nodes and deliver exciting new features.

Eric Burgener

Research Director, IDC

For an increasing number of real-time big data analytics and extremely high performance database environments, NVMe technology is already needed to meet latency, throughput, and/or bandwidth requirements. But Kaminario’s application of this technology to also offer composability with very high speed data mobility is an NVMe use case that is much more broadly applicable to a larger variety of workloads today.