Scale-up. Scale-out. 

The leading all-flash architecture for cloud scale datacenters.

The New Backbone of the All-Flash Data Center

Kaminario’s 6th generation all-flash platform delivers industry leading performance, scalability, innovation and cost efficiency backed by the most comprehensive business assurance program in the storage industry.


Challenging The Status Quo

Leveraging the latest innovation in hardware and building on the industry’s only true flexible scale-up and scale-out shared architecture, the K2 Gen6 all-flash storage once again challenges the status quo for Enterprise Storage.


It's All About Performance

2X performance increase to 25GB/s throughput and 1.5M+ IOPS at less than 1ms latency. Consistent performance for any workload


Petabyte Scale On Your Terms

Seamless, flexible and guaranteed scale from 30TB to up to 4PB in a single shared backend architecture. Scale on the terms of your business not your storage vendor


Obsessed with Maximizing Cost Efficiency

Distinctive enhancements in K2 hardware and software compression technologies provide 25% more data reduction efficiencies. Making $0.50/GB  at scale a reality

Kaminario named a leader In the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays

The Tomorrow-Ready Datacenter

The rate of change in the storage industry can be intimidating. Drives get denser. Chipsets get more powerful.  Networking gets faster.  Everything gets cheaper.  When selecting a storage platform for mission-critical applications, you need to consider the needs of today.  And the needs of tomorrow.

Kaminario K2 Gen6 is Tomorrow-Ready Today.


FC Gen6 32Gbit-Ready

The sixth generation of K2 all-flash array uses 16 Gbit Fibre Channel Gen6 adapters which are fully upgradable to 32Gbit simply by changing transceivers to power applications of today and tomorrow


Storage Class Memory (SCM) Ready

K2 storage controllers offer front-loading, hot-swappable PCIe and NVMe slots for storage class memory (SCM) devices such as Intel 3D Xpoint ensuring investment protection


HW Accelerated Compression

Utilizing VisionOS SW modules, additional processing units can be leveraged to offload compression operations from the controllers’ CPUs achieving greater capacity efficiencies


NVMe Fabrics

K2 has already decoupled storage compute from capacity so it may utilize NVMe over fabrics and network shelves as they become available



VisionOS is built to leverage next-gen high performance innovative storage class memory modules like NVDIMM that can sustain power failures without losing data

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