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The K2 All-Flash Array delivers performance and cost advantages for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The K2’s consistent performance under load delivers the predictability needed to provide consistent end user experience in the most demanding environments.

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Keep Users Productive with Highly Responsive Virtual Desktops

K2’s consistent low latency and predictable high IOPS/throughput deliver responsive virtual desktops and ensures both IT and users can get their work done. Benchmarks for both VMware, Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop using Login VSI demonstrate that the K2 delivers unparalleled user-experience.


Reduce Storage Requirements for Managing Virtual Desktop Images

K2’s global inline selective deduplication lowers virtual desktop storage physical capacity needs by up to 95%, or 20:1 in terms of data reduction ratios. K2 pricing can be below $1 per effective GB or $20 per virtual desktop.


Weather Boot and Shutdown Storms with Efficiency and Security

Simultaneous startup and shutdown of large groups of desktops create storms that can bring legacy storage to its knees, resulting in downtime and unhappy users. Benchmarks, run on a single K-Block K2 array holding 1,500 virtual desktops, measured only 8 minutes required to boot all desktops and only 3 minutes required to power them down, with array latency still remaining well below 1.0 ms.


Manage Storage Alongside VMware Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

K2’s integration with VMware via a vCenter plug-in and support for VMware’s VAAI hardware acceleration API enables K2 arrays to be easily integrated into and managed alongside any VMware virtualized desktop infrastructure.

VMware VDI on Kaminario K2

Learn how Kaminario’s 5th generation K2 All-Flash Array, with inline de-duplication and compression, gives you the performance and scalability you need to grow with your deployments at the most affordable price point in the industry. Watch this video to see a demonstration of desktop creation, boot storm and a View Planner test.


Citrix XenDesktop on Kaminario K2

Kaminario’s K2 All Flash Array provides a powerful yet flexible storage infrastructure for Citrix XenDesktop. Leveraging inline deduplication and compression, the K2 gives VDI infrastructures the performance and scalability you need to grow deployments at the most affordable price point in the industry.