What’s Next for SaaS Businesses

SaaS businesses choose to build their own application delivery infrastructures in order to optimize for cost, performance, and overall customer experience. Customer retention is as important as customer acquisition. SaaS businesses are inherently built to scale. Cost efficiency is table stakes. Consistent performance is a must have.

Learn how all-flash storage is changing the economics of SaaS businesses.


Built to Scale

SaaS companies are built with the vision of scaling. Data storage infrastructure must scale simply and seamlessly along with the business. The K2’s ability to scale-out and scale-up means SaaS IT strategists can optimize for both cost efficiency and performance according to their specific application needs. No forklift upgrades or isolated islands of storage.

Consistently High Performance

Most SaaS workloads are inherently dynamic — with OLTP transactions and analytics queries hitting the same data sets. Kaminario’s ability to manage mixed workloads with consistently high performance helps a SaaS company deliver a consistent user experience, even as usage patterns change.


Always Manage Costs Down

IT infrastructure is the COGS for a SaaS business. Storage infrastructure costs pass directly through to the cost of serving an incremental customer. Kaminario delivers cost efficiencies up front and ensures that customers will always be able to take advantage of the newest most cost-effective commodity hardware available.

Keep Things Simple

Successful SaaS businesses simplify their customers lives. Kaminario’s goal is to make it simple to scale your business. Our commitment is keep things simple from the time we engage — how we implement, how we provide support, and how we make you successful.

James Price, Director of Product Development, Clearwater Analytics

“Our number one factor was the cost/GB. We felt that many of the pure flash arrays were either too costly or not production worthy. Kaminario impressed us as being both enterprise ready and cost effective.”

David Schlaifer, CEO, DAShealth™

“You can focus on metrics all you want, but at the end of the day in our business it is customer satisfaction that matters. Kaminario enabled us to deliver lightning fast performance to our customers: physicians serving their patients.”