Kaminario for Cloud Service Providers

Kaminario Cloud Fabric is the Composable Data Platform for Cloud Datacenters



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Kaminario Cloud Fabric

Kaminario Cloud Fabric delivers the performance and predictability of Kaminario K2 in a usage-based software offering that runs on industry standard hardware.  Cloud Fabric is the new way to build storage infrastructures in cloud-scale datacenters.

Compose Your Future

Cloud-like agility is a must for new-age businesses.  Kaminario’s Composable Data Platform enables Service Providers to deliver operational simplicity along with flash powered performance and efficiency.

  • Software-Defined Storage Platform
  • Scale-up, Scale-out, and Scale-off
  • Prescriptive Analytics to Drive Autonomous Storage

Deliver Customer Success

The Kaminario Composable Data Platform allows businesses to focus on creating and delivering the best possible user experiences while Service Providers ensure a seamless backend infrastructure.

  • Peak Performance Across Mixed Workloads
  • True Multi-Tenant Environment Powering Maximum Efficiency
  • Flexibility to Add Capacity and Compute as Needed

Minimize Costs

Kaminario guarantees a 4:1 reduction ratio in prescribed workloads. Allowing you to save on IT spend and invest in initiatives that help grow your business.

  • Lower OPEX ~30%
  • Lower CAPEX by ~20%
  • Cost Efficient Utilization-Based Pricing