Power to Virtualized Environments

Consolidation takes on a whole new meaning on K2



Pre-Validated Solutions with Industry Leading Server Virtualization Platforms

Virtual environments using Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix can leverage K2’s adaptive block size to eliminate the IO-blender effect and gain incredible performance and capacity savings with adaptive de-duplication. Click on each of the platforms below to see Kaminario’s platform-specific integrations

Wargaming.net Cuts Code Build Times by 52% in Fully Virtualized Environment

“Kaminario K2 system performed admirably, meeting or exceeding all of our requirements. The system was simple to manage, came with features that worked as advertised. Its impact on our disk-limited VMs was both immediate and noteworthy, enabling some processes to see improvements more than 80 percent.”

Kevin Folk, IT Manager, Wargaming Seattle


The Right Architecture Matters!

Whether it’s variable block deduplication, byte aligned compression, shared scale-out, rich application integration or a ridiculously simple management cluster, the right architecture matters for hosting your virtualization platform.


Performance for Workload Consolidation

K2’s intelligent design provides consistent low latency and high throughput/IOPS, across even the random blends of concurrent I/O requests typical in consolidated server workloads. 


Enjoy Highly Linear Scale-Out Performance

K2’s low latency is maintained from its initial entry-level configuration to a fully-scaled-out array, delivering predictable server and application performance.


Lower Licensing and Server Costs

Eliminate redundant and over-provisioned hardware by standardizing on K2, supporting the same number of servers, applications and users with less hardware cost and fewer software licenses.

What's Next for VDI?

The K2 All-Flash Array delivers performance and cost advantages for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The K2’s consistent performance under load delivers the predictability needed to provide consistent end user experience in the most demanding VDI environments. Check out this demonstration of desktop creation, boot storm and a View Planner test on the K2

VMware SRM is just easier with K2

Kaminario’s native replication allows its customers to replicate anywhere in the world across different K2 configurations, easy DR testing, lossless failback, no impact on the production’s consistent high performance, application aware snapshots and VMware SRM (Site Recovery manager) support.

Check out this demo that demonstrates failover from a protected site to a recovery site.

Hear from our customers

Michael Rice

Enterprise Architect, Ent Credit Union

Part of my job is looking at what’s next. Our spinning disk arrays were running out of space and application performance had become totally unacceptable. All-flash technology offered a solution, and our POC proved that Kaminario was the best choice.

Mike Bowie

IT and Facilities Lead

The opportunity to move beyond standard solutions meant that we no longer have to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize storage for any given application. We know that Kaminario all-flash will provide a solid base of infrastructure that we can build on for the future, including all the performance we will need. It means we can spend our time on things that are more meaningful for an IT team.