Protection For Your Most Valuable Asset

A predictive, self-healing architecture backed by 99.999% assured availability


Your business doesn’t nap. Neither should your storage.

Don’t settle for, “uhmmm, just trust us, it works” when talking about availability. Kaminario K2 boasts a unique self healing architecture with no single point of failure and rich replication data services. Our confidence in the platform’s ability to deliver enterprise-class high availability makes the Assured Availability program easy to execute. It’s straightforward – we either deliver 99.999% uptime or we provide zero-cost support extensions.

Enterprise-level Availability for Flash Performance

Round-the-clock support

Worldwide 24/7 round-the-clock support with 4 hour call to repair

Fully Redundant Hardware

100% redundant components with multi-tolerant fault domains and NO SPOF 

Non-Disruptive Everything

The new normal:  Non-disruptive – capacity, performance, hardware & software updates

Seamless Backup & Restore. Anytime. Anywhere

Native K2 snapshot integration with Veeam

Expedite application-consistent backups by up to 80% using Kaminario and Veeam’s data protection suite.

Shorten backup windows with K2 & NetBackup

Leverage the incredible speed of flash with Netbackup’s automation tools for app-consistent backup and recovery.

Arcserv UDP and K2 flash advantage

One-click backup and recovery operations  with K2 native snapshots as hardware snapshot source for Arcerve UDP

Automated backup to multi-cloud environments with Commvault


Kaminario K2  enables Commvault IntelliSnap users to automate application-consistent backup, recovery and clone workflows for a variety of applications in SaaS, cloud computing and on-premises environments.

Backup to any cloud. Public. Private. Hybrid!


Three Tips to Building a More Resilient Data Strategy

From high-volume, low-margin retailers to global banking corporations, every business requires ‘always-on’ storage to maximize operational performance and secure their advantage.

Check out these 3 essential tips for building a smarter, more resilient storage strategy