Agile Development on Agile Storage

Redefining storage for modern application-development paradigms



Reducing Build Times by 52%

A team of over 4000 global Wargaming professionals collaborating using continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) needed to accelerate their DevOps process for an important game development by reducing dev iteration times. Enter the composable K2 platform!

K2 reduced data transfer speeds by as much as 96% and increased productivity. From content creators to engineering, to QA, performance improvements had a critical productivity impact on every team at the studio.

DevOps Meets Composability

The concept of a physical array does not align to the way modern applications are being designed. New applications have to “expect the unexpected” and adapt to rapid changes in their environment.

This is the era of Composability. Composable storage aligns much more closely with the way DevOps processes take advantage of capabilities to dynamically optimize the performance and capacity resources of underlying infrastructure.

Modern Storage Strategies for On-Demand Applications

DevOps and Containers

What do Containers have to do with DevOps?

While you don’t have to use containers to do DevOps, containers are a great tool for making it easier. As DevOps grows, container technologies such as Docker arise, and cloud adoption increases significantly.

Download this panel presentation that explores how modern infrastructure can meet demand more efficiently through deployments like containerization.