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Shark Ninja Increases Analytics Performance by 50%

Taking user response from minutes to seconds, Shark Ninja, the maker of everything awesome for the home, leverages Kaminario to dramatically accelerate business analytics

 “Our most notable benefit from Kaminario is that we have no worries about performance. Add scale-up and scale-out, along with capacity and flash guarantees, as well as excellent service; we have peace of mind for the next five years. In IT time, that’s a lot.”


Ian Linderoth, SharkNinja Data Center Manager

#1. Enough Said.


19 All-Flash storage products analyzed. 13 Critical Capabilities measured. 1 vendor scored highest for “Analytics” use case. 

Considering all-flash storage to speed up  your business analytics workloads? See how Gartner quantifies what is most important to infrastructure and operations leaders considering moving to all-flash storage for their business and data analytics workloads.



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Accelerating Real-Time Intelligence with Splunk Analytics

Kaminario K2’s unique architecture supercharges Splunk implementations by boosting performance and enabling faster real-time intelligence from customers’ machine-generated data


What Latency? 

K2 VisionOS provides predictable capacity scalability and low latency, even as the number of Splunk Indexers and volume of machine data increases, by taking advantage of the K2’s scale-up/scale-out capability. Typical Splunk customers running K2 see latency remain below 1 millisecond, even at peak times!

SAP HANA brings you fresh data insights. We make it 8X faster

High performance. High scale. High availability.

Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array combines high performance, cost effective scaling and sophisticated availability using patented adaptive block size and data protection algorithms, enabling SAP HANA deployments to deliver real-time processing and high availability.

Hear from our customers

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

“Kaminario has changed the way we think about performance. Before there was always some worry about fragile systems. Now we have a system that can cope with much more than we can push at it. It eliminates problems in production and helps us satisfy our customers. What could be better? We’re very happy.”

Exchange Solutions, a SaaS provider of credit card loyalty programs,  cut overall response times by half and storage platform response times by 80%

Chris Simons

IT Infrastructure Manager

“The obvious advantage with a fl ash array is speed. We also needed more capacity and an easy path to further expansion. And we needed SAP HANA certifi cation. Kaminario gave us all three, with a competitive price, and a great working relationship.”