The K2 array is comprised of K-Blocks — building blocks that include a pair of Active-Active controllers, one or more drive shelves, and connectivity for scaling out. Scale-out clusters remain N-ways Active-Active.

K2 Gen6 All-Flash Array

Scaled Configuration

1 K-Block2 K-Blocks3 K-Blocks4 K-Blocks

Usable Capacity*

30TB - 1PB60TB - 2PB90TB - 3PB120TB - 4PB


Up to 370KUp to 740KUp to 1.1MUp to 1.5M


Up to 6.2GB/sUp to 12.4GB/sUp to 18.6GB/sUp to 25GB/s



Media (Encrypted)

480GB / 960GB / 1.92TB / 3.84TB 3D TLC NAND SSDs

VisionOS - Shared Services Across a True Scale-Out Storage Array


Global selective inline deduplication, inline compression, thin provisioning, zero detect


Native array-based snapshots and replication, key-less AES256 data-at-rest encryption, K-RAID that protects each SSD shelf independently up to 3 SSD failures


Comprehensive GUI (HTTP/HTTPS), fully scriptable CLI (SSH), programmable RESTful API platform, SNMP, Syslog


Microsoft VSS, VMware vCenter Plug-in, VMware SRM, VMware LogInsight, Flocker (containers), OpenStack Cinder, Cisco UCS driver
Connectivity, Power and Cooling

Connectivity FC/iSCSI

FC: 4x 16Gbps
iSCSI: 4x 25GbE
FC: 8x 16Gbps
iSCSI: 8x 25GbE
FC: 12x 16Gbps
iSCSI: 12x 25GbE
FC: 16x 16Gbps
iSCSI: 16x 25GbE
Management Ports

2x 1GbE

Power (Typical)

0.8KW - 1.4KW1.8KW - 3KW2.6KW - 4.4KW3.4KW - 5.8KW

Cooling (Typical)

2.8K - 4.8K BTU/hr6.2K - 10.2K BTU/hr9K - 15.1K BTU/hr11.9K - 19.9K BTU/hr

* Capacity is subject to drive size and the application data reduction ratio.  For some datasets such as VDI the range will be higher.

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