Every Victory Starts with a Vision.

Creating a winning strategy for your datacenter requires some vision.  Kaminario’s VisionOS is the brains behind the most advanced all-flash array platform in the industry.

Software-defined Flexibility for Cloud-Scale Applications

VisionOS is Kaminario’s all-flash software-defined core architecture and framework for delivering advanced data services. It is the secret sauce that binds best-of-breed enterprise hardware components to the Gen6 K2 all-flash array.  Quite simply put, VisionOS is the software architecture that powers the most advanced all-flash array platform in the industry.

VisionOS Modular Data Services

Designed from the ground up to utilize flash, VisionOS includes a set of rich data services and enterprise functionality to protect your data, maximize cost-efficiency, easily manage your environment and connect with a comprehensive set of ecosystem partners



With differentiated data reduction features of inline, global and selective deduplication, together with inline byte-aligned compression, thin provisioning and zero detection, VisionOS enables the K2 to lead the storage industry with the most cost-efficient all-flash array.



Kaminario values its customers’ data more than anything. Native array based snapshots and replication allow customers to return to any point in time in any site. Data-at-rest AES256 encryption makes sure that data is kept private and safe at all times from theft and misuse.



The K2 can be managed by various means. Management interfaces include an intuitive web-based GUI, a fully scriptable CLI and a framework of programmable RESTful API. SNMP and Syslog protocols are also available for comprehensive datacenter monitoring and reporting.



K2’s RESTful API allows for external applications of the IT ecosystem to easily integrate and seamlessly manage the K2. This ecosystem is constantly growing and includes: VMware vSphere and LogInsight, Microsoft VSS, OpenStack, Flocker (containers) and Cisco UCS director.

Software-defined Agility

VisionOS was designed to support K2’s unique scale up and scale out capabilities.  Cost effectively add capacity by adding additional drive shelves to a pair of controller nodes.  Deliver higher performance within a shared pool of storage volumes by scaling out. Independently optimize for both performance and cost efficiency according to the needs of your business. VisionOS builds on a shared metadata structure that allows for shared data services across any number of nodes in a system.

scale upnout

Performance in Complex Workload Environments

VisionOS incorporates innovative I/O management algorithms that dynamically respond to changing workloads.  This capability is key to delivering consistently high performance in complex workload environments – including running real time analytics on production databases.

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