Your Apps. Your Data. Any Cloud.

Accelerate cloud adoption by delivering performance, agility, and seamless migration.

Build once, run anywhere.


What is Kaminario?

Kaminario delivers a virtualized data services layer which reduces the cost of running high performance applications on any cloud platform. Kaminario provides an on-demand ability to increase performance, ensures business agility, and reduces risk; all while making it easier and more cost effective to move mission-critical applications within a multi-cloud environment.

Ensure Business Agility and Reduce Risk

  • Ensure high performance for data anywhere
  • Provide real-time on-demand performance orchestration
  • Offer a consistent and predictable customer experience anywhere

Enable and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

  • Eliminate the need to re-architect or re-factor applications’ data structure
  • Access unified, shared data services anywhere
  • Seamlessly move workloads across private and public clouds

Reduce Cost of Managing Business Critical Data

  • Seamlessly move workloads anywhere
  • Enable real time global data reduction anywhere
  • Dynamically eliminate low utilization and siloed environments
  • Enable global license mobility throughout your hybrid cloud