Kaminario Has Changed Its Name to Silk

Why? Because We’re Changing the Way We Cloud

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Kaminario's Cloud Data Platform

Our visionary software is now ready for any cloud – public, private or hybrid – and the results are stunning. Increased application and data performance and decreased data footprint, saving customers 30% or more. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in as we deliver business-critical data scalability and mobility across any cloud and on-prem for your enterprise applications.

Gartner Research: How Data Mobility Unlocks Public Cloud Cost Savings

Download this Gartner report for recommendations on building a cohesive multicloud and intercloud strategy for data management.

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Ensure Business Agility and Reduce Risk

  • Ensure high performance for data anywhere
  • Provide real-time on-demand performance orchestration
  • Offer a consistent and predictable customer experience anywhere

Enable and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

  • Eliminate the need to re-architect or re-factor applications’ data structure
  • Access unified, shared data services anywhere
  • Seamlessly move workloads across private and public clouds

Reduce Cost of Managing Business Critical Data

  • Seamlessly move workloads anywhere
  • Enable real time global data reduction anywhere
  • Dynamically eliminate low utilization and siloed environments
  • Enable global license mobility throughout your hybrid cloud